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  • An interesting journey for different reasons with Dr. R. Nagasami, the renowned scholar., kindly browse the following  blog

    And also on New copper plates found, some details are there for our friends.
  • Dear Sir,

    Excellent narration! You were lucky to touch the precious plates & toured
    with RN sir. Thanks for sharing the information.
  • So manickavasagar is pre 10th.

    Refer our discussions when the news of the discovery was first published.
  • hi,

    i am not sure sure. the bronzes were part of a hoard that were buried
    intentionally. such were done to escape the dark period around 1314. so just
    because a bronze is found along with the plate doesnt mean both are same
    period. there are inscriptions for eg which talk of sepptuh thirumeni of
    rishbantakar ( the famous tanjore museum exhibit) that say it was cast in
    1011 and his consort umai in 1012. unless we can find a similar
    inscriptional reference to the casting of such a manikkavasagar bronze - it
    will not be clear proof

    my humble two cents
  • yes, i agree.

    the only other proof is the 3 epigraphs mentioned in thevaaram.org, which need to to studied

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