• Dear all ( learned people)

    I have read Ponnyin Selvan by Amarar Kalki and I have just completed one more round... I have been keeping one doubt unanswered so far which I thought I put it before all who can clarify..

    who is Nandini's father?

    What did she tell in Karikalan's ear? before he was killed by Periya Pazuvetterayar ( Kalamugan)?

    what did she tell (the real story of) her birth story to ArunmoZi before she dies?

    Is it very clear that she is not born to Sundara chola ?( as Arunmozi tells Kundavai when he comes back on elephant( as mahut) into the Tanjore fort, that both Old Madurandakan and Nandini were born to Mandhakini two years after Sundara Chola returns back to Tanjore to be crowned as Chakaravathy after Kandarathitha Chola}

    What is the real relationship of her( Nandini's) with Killed( by Karikala)Veerapandiyan... (stated as Patamakishi by Ravidasan just before the killer scene of Karikala)

    Hope learned people will come forward for good discussions..

    With warm regards

    Nagarajan Sreenivasan Iyer
  • Answers in the order of your mail :

    1] Nandini's father must be Sundara Chozhan only.

    2] She must have revealed the truth to Aditha Karikalan.

    3] Nandini assumed that she and Arulmozhi are brother and sister.

    4] Arulmozhi clarified the correct position to Kundavai.

    5] Nandhini must have loved Veerapandiyan and Karikalan would not have
    listened to her plea in light of the chasing & capturing moments !
    Even now every murder takes place only at a particular momentary rage !

    Kalki is a suspense master story teller like Robert Ludlum and by spinning
    such labyrinth he keepsthe readersguessing perhaps this is the reason why
    we are still discussingthe novel

  • Please don't insult a master writer like Kalki, by comparing him with Robert Ludlum :)
  • Writer Madan has written in his Madan Kelvi Badil regarding the assasination of
    Aditha Karikalan, that in history the Killing of Aditha Karikalan is a mystery,so Kalki retained the mystery in his Novel also.He has written that since it is a "pudhir", writing any other thing will go contrary to history and hence he has retained the "pudhir" in his novel also.Is that the correct view ?
  • I have great regards and respects for Kalki and I don't mean to insult him.
    Robert Ludlum's name suddenly came to my mind as he is also, no doubt,  
    a great story teller!

  • That makes perfect sense!

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