Masi Maham Garudaseva Festival in Kumbakonam
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    Maham Garudaseva Festival in Kumbakonam
    maham is an annual event that occurs in the Tamil Month of Masi (Feb-Mar) in
    the star of Magam. Once in twelve years, when the planet Guru (Jupiter) enters
    Simha (Leo) sign, the Kumbamela festival of South India is celebrated at
    Mahamaham Tank of Kumbakoanm. Every Year on that time Garudaseva Festival is
    performed in Sri Chakrapani swamy Temple, Sri Rajagopala Swamy Temple and Sri
    Varagha Swamy Temple at Kumbakonam. This is the special festival in Kumbakonam
    Vishnu Temples. Visit and watch the video of this festival
  • Date: 9-3-2012

    Anbumikka Srinivasan,

    I wonder whether my short Thread in the Mayyam Hub Website on "Maasi Maham" will be of interest to you. If interested follow the URL given below to read this Thread
  • ViraRajendran Sir,

    "In the 27th year (A.D.1045) of the Chola Emperor Rajadhirajadeva - 1 (A.D.1018-1054), a gift of money was made by members of the (village) assembly of Manali alias Singavishnu Chathurvedimanagalam. The money was deposited for conducting the festival of "Maasi Maham" at Thiruvottriyur Adhipurisvara Siva temple

    So Manali is that old - Singavishnu period.

    The enarby Thirukkattuppali is also mentioned in Pallava Copper Plates.

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