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  • Dear All,

    click the link, you can know more about karikala chozan,,pls share 


  • Date: 3=2-2012

    Anbumikka Minish,

    Thanking you very much for leading us to this "wonderful" Website which provides the Research Article on Karikaalan - with very valuable and intricate details on Karikaalan which all Readers should not miss to read. It was thrilling to me see the stone image said to be of Karikaalan at Ehambaraeswarer temple at Kanchipuram. I note the Author of this Article is "Thiru Avinash" and my congratulations to him in providing a a "very usefull study" on this king, and his Research article should be preserved.

    The Author could add more informations on to same on his war expedition to North India, carving of Chola emblem the tiger on Himalayas, and his victory over the North Indian kings, and on the war trophies he brought from this expedition - from these countries. Also on his connection with the Indra Villa celeberated during this time in Chola Nadu, etc etc. The great Tamil Epics of Cheranaadu (composed from Kodungallur of Kerala the former Vanchi Nagar)namely the Silappathikaaram, and Manimekalai, Pattinappaalai (Paththuppaattu), Pathittruppaththu, Puranaanuuru, Ahanaanuuru, Nattrinai etc etc speaks much on him. The medieval Cholar Cheppedukal too gives informations on Karikaal Cholan especially in the Sanskrit portion of these Cheppedukal.

    Hope his Reasearch work will be "well preserved" in a "book form" very soon.

    Mikka anbudan

  • 1. There are some references on Karikalan in Tamilnadu too.
    The Esalam copper plate mentions in sanskrit portion - remeber reading some thing like
    Arikaalasya Karikaalam etc
    2. There were some reference in Thiruvidaimarudhur inscriptions.
    Was destroyed in 1921 renovation. But it is either recorded by ASI before that.
    Kanchi Mahaswami refered one that was not recorded and explained to Dr RN.
    Somewhrere Dr R N referred this.

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  • Dear SN,

    I recall - post Kulothunga descendant was (Rajarja III ? - can check and confirm ) was also CALLING HIMSELF KARIKAL CHOLA !!

    When I checked some inscriptions related to Vallam Ekaveeri Kaali temple - I found this mention !!

    rgds / sps
  • There is a Kongu Karikal Cholan too who was defeated by II Pandyas

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