PIRATES by Muruganandam !!

    The Pirates -
    by Murugandam - is written so well,
    I completed the book in one go last nite.

    The beginning is superb.

    Julius Caeser was captiavated by the Pirates without knowing who he was and he pays them ransom of about 40 Kg Golden and after release sends his huge army and recovers all the ransom along with their other bounties and finishes them.. and piracy in the medetranian.

    and Murugandam mentions of RRC / RjC naval expeditions and their protection to Trades from the Priates in the Eastern Seas..

    and Spain enriching with the natural resources of then so-much unknown America and the French Navy / Rebels targetting them and becoming Pirates and the English Navy /rebels too joining them and a later accord between Spain and the english - leading to elimination of threat by the French... and finally all of them targetting American coasts and getting settled with rich brounties !!

    The British accorded " SIR " TITLE to many of them and treated them as patriots and many Governments followed same method !!

    And Vasco Da Gama finding new Sea route to India and Pirates targetting trade ships - and trade ships voyaging in 100 / 200 groups - yet Pirates could single a smaller group and rob them ,.. !!

    there are so many amazing details.. and everything dealt with minutely from Social - Political - Historical - Economical aspects and well furnished with supportings wherever possible..

    He even furnishes certain web links for related studies..

    And as Muruganandam observed : School children play Police - Thief game more frequently .. but even they may NOT play PIRATE Game because it is so very unique..

    Very true.. We have hardly very few works on this subject.. and recalling movies.. not able to recollect anything else execpt - of course - LEGEND MGR's "Ayirathil Oruvan " (one amongst the thousand) (paired with JJ for first time) where he robs the Pirates and pay to the common needy ones !!

    and not able to recall Sivaji, Kamal, Rajini having done any such role !! and Not able to recollect any Hindi movie too !!

    Hearty Congrats dear Muruganandam !!

    best wishes and greetings,


  • Hi
    Muruganandams writing is getting smoother by the day just as he is getting faster typing it out
    i think we can soon expect a historical novel from him

  • Dear SPS and Venkat,

    Vashishtar vaayal....!!

    Thanks for the nice words. I owe a lot to this group and elite members.

    Endrum Anbudan

  • Hopefully not the people who meet at the new elite from Govt

    ( Idhu only joke, joke only )

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