Mylai Seeni Venkatasamy - Historian - Article published in Kalaimagal
  • Dear,
    I am enclosing the article published in Kalaimagal relating to Historiyan Myalai Seeni Venkitasamy, who has written lot of books on history such as "Serean Senkuttuvan", "kalapirar aatchiyil tamilagam" "history of cheras", "murkaala cholarkal","kaatidakkalai" tamilar valartha azakukkalai" on.
    I feel this article is most suitable for our group and request SPS you make it available to our members.
    If any members  feels inconvenient you may ignore this mail and please dont make unnecessary fight with me, as it affects my peace.
  • I personally think his works need to be critically evaluated in light of findings post his time
  • The sad thing is, last 50 years, we have not identified and published any of the lost literature.... Some of them might still be getting decayed in the palm leaf scripts..

    If anyone knows a workgroup that focus on recovering lost literature, please introduce!!!
  • Any comment we make will become political.

    There are some good work being done like

    Project Madurai, Tamil Heriitage Foundation, etc. request members to list people working on this.

    Of course - Government alone can do bigger things
  • Contact Himalayan Academy

    They recently converted/digitzed several Saiva Agama texts.


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