Ponniyin Selvan Drama
  • Dear All,
    San Francisco, Bayarea Tamil Manram is staging Amarar Kalki's "Ponniyin Selvan"
    Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 3:30 P.M.
    San Ramon Performing Arts Center
    Dougherty Valley High School
    10550 Albion Rd,
    San Ramon, CA 94582
    $50, $20

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    Preferred seating for Life Members

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  • Hi All,

        My school staged 1 and a half books of Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan as a drama, last academic year. They are going to stage the rest of it this year as well. I was chosen to play the challenging role of Nandini, and I am to portray the same character this year as well. My friend (who played and is going to play the role of Vandiyathevan) and I have also been chosen to write the script for this year's drama. My brother is playing the role of Azhwarkadiyan Nambi / Tirumalai Appan. We wish to have God's as well as all your blessings and best wishes, so we will be able to do our best this year as well. 
  • Wonderful ...

    very very nice...

    hearty congrats to all the children / organisers.

    We can plan staging this in Mylapore / Chennai.

    pls email to my ID re further details :


    very best wishes,
    greetings and
  • This is so neat! Congratulations - and could you please share details about
    how the play came about? The scripting part, if it's possible?

    All the best for future performances!
  • thank you so much, sir!
  • thank you so much, sir! If you like, I will send you the details of the drama later.
  • Sure sir. Hope to come this year. Last year I missed it.

    A vaidyanathan
  • Dear,
     I lost the threat. What is your planning? Staging ponniyin selvan at Mylai? It is excellent idea. If it is so I am very happiest man in the world today. Kindly inform the details.
  • Awesome ! Great. This takes me to 10th century once again.
    You can share all the photo set in flickr / picasaweb.

  • thank you so much, sir!
  • I am really happy to see the photos. A good attempt by the students of
    Padma Seshadri school.

    In my school also ( St Peter's High school Thanjavur ) we had during 1975
    staged the Novel PS as drama due to the sincere efforts of Mr Deenanathan
    our teacher for History. On seeing your photos, I could recollect the
    events. Unfortunately there was no scientific advancement like this, that
    day to send the photos to you all.

    I wish you good luck

    G Sridharan
  • Dear SPS,
     Is it possible to stage the drama of PS students in Bharatiya vidya bhavan? All members will get beneifited. Kindly do the neeful gi
  • Hello All,

          This is Mahati. If any of you remember, my school staged a part of Ponniyin Selvan as a drama for one of its annual days and I played Nandini. We are staging the second part, i.e. the rest of the story this year, and I continue to play the same character. I have given the details below. 

    Venue : Kamaraj Arangam, 573-574 Anna Salai, Chennai - 6
    Date and Day : November 30, 2011, Wednesday
    Time : Main Show - 5.30 pm
              (The Kindergarten children are doing a recreation of Chozha Nadu and Eezha Nadu on the foyer between                   4.30 pm and 5.00 pm. Please watch it if possible.) 

    I know that this information is reaching all of you very late, but I myself got it this week. Please forgive the delay. Do try to come and attend.
  • very best wishes

    am sure there will be good representation from our group.

    will be there.


  • Best Wishes to you Mahati and your team

    New Delhi
  • dear Mahathi and team,

    wish you all a great success, with your drama, may be one day I will be lucky to watch it too.
  • Hello Mahathi,Watched your play yesterday.At the outset,let me congratulate u and Akash for the script.Quite difficult to bring it out in 2 hours and a little more.U managed that.Personally I missed Malayaman.He could have been shown lamenting for a few seconds atleast.Kundhavai and Vanathi seemed to have no role at all..Akash suited the role of Vanthiyathevan .His gait and body language were fitting.His voice had a good throw.U were good in the murder scene.Initially,couldn't hear u from the back rows.The audio quality was generally poor,especially the recap.For the younger kids,a voiceover might have done the trick.I liked the little Nandini.Very cute.Also the parai arivippavan for AK did a good job.Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar's headgear was straight out of Maniam's pictures.The dance for thuvantha yuttham,immediately after Vanthiyathevan and Arulmozhi meet,was lively.the kids dressed in white and swaying for the river background ,was a good idea.Y no
    munkudumi for azhwarkadiyan?I"ivanai nambi eppadi ilayapiratti anupinaro"nnu sonnathu brought a peal of laughter from the crowds.The way he got down from an imaginary horse was very realistic.Overall,a good effort.Congratulations.
  • Hi,

    Is there a video upload of the drama in any of the video sharing sites?
  • there are two videos of our drama from last year's on youtube, sir. u can follow up these two links to watch them :

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