Meeting on wed 22nd June - Marina Gandhi Silai
  • Hi Friends,

    I am coming to chennai next week. If you are free we can have a meeting @
    marina beach in the evening - wed 22nd around 6.30 pm. Cool ( respectable)
    drinks and Molaga bajji sponsorship has already been taken. So sponsors are
    welcome for other items like murukku, puli sadam
  • Can it be on 21st
  • Hi

    I am also in chennai. Will try to come

    A. Vaidyanathan
  • Can we pls finalize on the date and time, so that all of us can plan?

    22nd being wednesday might be bit difficult, but if thats the only option
    left, i will try to make it.
  • hi Satish

    As of now about 10 confirmed. So we are going ahead with the meeting tmmrw (
    WED) evenig 6.45 near Gandhi silai. request members to try their best to
  • VJ,

    How long will it go.

    I work in a place close to Chennai Siruseri. 603 103 That is the pin code
    for this place. As the real estate people advertise - Chennai-kku miga
    arugaamayil ulla Siruseri

    The earliest bus starts by 5:30 and I am not sure what time it will reach
    Marina. So wish to know how long the meeting will go on.

    ~ Udanx
  • Yes..Siruseri is just 30KM away from Marina.. :) will hardly take 2 hours
    for you to reach..

    Jokes apart..i have a client call at 5.30 which might go till 6.30 and I can
    start only after that. So should be reaching Marina around 7.30 only. Hope
    the meeting will continue till then...

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