Thinking of doing a console game about rajendra cholan
  • hi,
    Greetings to the groups,i'm planning to make a console game about Rajendra cholan.
    we are doing some ground work abt that,i want to know how much people are interested in playing the game....
    And i need comments from all
    especially from saurabh.....
    And i'll explain why i choosed Rajendra cholan for the game....
    And thnx to my uncle Bala Padmanabhan,who helped me a lot to know abt Rajendra cholan.
    so if Ur really interested plz support if u feel it won't work out plz tell me y it WON'T work...
  • Excellent idea

    Design it as a strategy game like age of empires

    It can impart history and geo at that century well

    My son aged 12 knows more history and ancient civilizations from " age of empires" than from his school books

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    Sivasankar Babu
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  • Just curious ! will it be educative material? which age group will it attract?

    is it a economic project or freeware, shareware soft ware game ?

    what learning one can expect to undergo !

    for all you know all questions could be just funny !

    please do respond !
  • Dear Srinivasan,

    Good to know about your initiative. I am not a gamer and so cant comment on
    it much, but its a welcome move...good luck.

    Bala Padmanaban of Kumbakonam? wow...great man he is. I have had the
    opportunity to meet him and spend a couple of days a few times in the
    past...ofcourse during our group visits along with SPS, Kamalakannan,
    Lavanya,Ram et al.

    All the best for your venture.
  • Hi Srinivas,
    A game on Indian king would be a nice attempt to spread awareness about Indian
    history among the kids. This visual medium will be good connect with children
    and will help in learning. However the game should be unique and interesting
    that it can compete with other similar games in market.

    As you that there are many large enterprises in this segment who can spend
    millions to create a game. Your intention is noble and competition is tough, but
    you also have kind wishes of all :).
  • hi saurabh thnx a lot and i'm agreeing with the points which u said,so,i'm making my steps in preservative with all your wishes i'm working towards the goal
  • There are so many consoles/game boxes. Are you planning to release it in all?

    Have you tried releasing first an app on say like iPhone etc?

  • hello sir, First thanx for ur interest towards the game.First of all we are in game design's premature stage to decide about the platform,but we are working to publish either in anyone of ps,xbox,pc or the three.....
    and with the game design it won't be a good idea to launch in iphone app.and we have experience in iphone gaming and console gaming
    we have done a lot of projects.....
    right now we are working on the historic research and the art's not easy task...we are aware of it.
  • Dear Srinivas
    It would definitely be a welcome feat....The kids love mysticism and most of the games avaialable are on war..aliens..or chines myths...I may be wrong but the closest India has been depicted is in prince of Persia...

    You can have two versions...
    One Expediation to Ganaga
    One Expediation to Kadaram

    If you have the knowhow and would be a good venture....I can vouch for its success with both my boys spending enough time on them



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  • Dear sir

    I am looking forward your work.

  • dear sridhar, very glad to hear those comments from you,and thanx for allowing your kids to play a console game, i hope to produce a chola warriors universally unrevealed braveness.once again thanxhowever i'm going to share this project's each and every progress with all of you in the forum,since i can get lot of comments and feedback...thnx once again
  • Very glad to know about this. Keep it up Sir
  • Thanks for the great attempt..........
    I wud like to try my hands on the game though i left playing such games long
    long back....
  • Greetings to you....
    Good work... All the best!

  • Hi,

    Interesting ideas... I've been thinking over similar thoughts myself -
    instead of waiting for someone to make a traditional movie/small-screen
    adaptation of something that can't be adapted, why not make something the
    modern youth would relate to...

    Let's discuss this more. I think on the technical side, the primary
    questions are, "what platform", and "what genre" - I think either an
    adventure game (a kind of hero's journey) or a strategy, whether turn-based
    or real-time would be the right types. What do you think?

  • hello sir, can i know in what way the contents of the link work for our projects...
  • hi shash, thnx for the support,one thing we have to understand that if any making a periodic movie is not a easy task,it needs a lot of ground work,besides that everyone in the team has to be in the same frequency,and on top of that the director should be non egoistic.first we tried for the movie,then it came for animated movie,with a extraordinary graphics quality,but still we faced lot of issues,now finally we structured the concept as a gamein which we have lot of chance to prove ourself.
    almost we are done with the intial historic research work, we are looking for a investor and we are working towards it,with my 8 years of experience an my friends 9years of experience in the graphics industry i want the graphics quality should be mind blowing.regardss.d.sriNivas.R
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  • Dear Member

    Ofcourse, a game console on history is a good.. But please .remember, the
    players should never be misguided to see the history as a game. Keep the honour
    of RJC throughout the game.
  • Congrats Mr Srinivasa Raghvan and Vishwak that your subtle decent notes is published.


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