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  • Message received from Sri.K.P.Umapathy Acharya :

    Dear All,

    Tomorrow "The Hindu - Friday Review" may contain an excellent article about
    Dr.Prabhakara Apteji (Hon.Prof.Sanskrit Vidyapeeta, Tirupati and Sanskrit
    Research Academy, Melkot. The link as follows:

    With regards,

    KP Umapathy Acharya
  • Dear Balaji Dandapani,



  • The vishwakarma community must also open up n document theirs.further while
    dealing on such deep subjects - the reporter for the article - must have the
    common sense to be objective and not to interject an author's personal
    religious views - is hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic or who is the
    supreme God is defn not the ...subject of a book on Agamas.
  • while taking images for Ramayana - I found one more interesting thing.

    There is lot of siva in vaishnavam ( to be specificin vaikasana temple) and vishnu in saivam.

    will be focussing on that- after Ramayanam.
  • First what is Agama the word from where it derived what is the background?

    I am not asking for a published books but please explain what is agama?

    Does it have a link with Vastu?

    What is the Flag post how the position in the temple is calculated>

    Please explain
  • I guess the author's last name gives us a clue :-) {ducks for cover before brick bats and shells fall}

  • I read somewhere, Vishnu gets mentioned in the entire Vedas for less than 100 times.

    The concept of trimurti did not exist during in the Vedic times. Hence, Brhama, Shiva and Vishnu (BSV) are not the focal points. Indra, Agni etc gets more importance than BSV. The philosophical component in the Vedic times highlighted a supreme being that they deemed to be unfathomable, incomprehensible etc....and they understood we are all manifestations of that being.

    Matter over. AvalO dhan.

    I also read somewhere that Vishnu etc attained prominence far later in the course of our Indic culture evolution.


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