where is thirumalpuram?
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    where is the place called Thirumalpuram ( Walaja taluk) ?

    How to go there ? any idea? ASI had copied many inscriptions and the temple is mentioned as ruined in 1905  itself.

    any idea?
  • Thanks satish

    1. The Thirumalperu ( thirumalpur now) is near takkolam.- a thevara sthalam. Siva temple.

    The one where lot of inscriptions copied is a vishnu temple. It is mentioned as walaja taluk and as ruined temple then itself.

    It has lot of intresting news. Continious patronage from Parntaka to rajaraja III ( looks even aditya and last pallavas inscriptions were found)

    Has interesting news like the - Partivendran's elephant mahoot (driver) names was kannan. He made some offerings

    One Bronze hanuman was gifted in RRC period. Gifts were made for celebrating Sri Rama's birthday.

    Any one who knows this place - please help.

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