Condolence to our member Swetha for loss of Soundarajan Moopanar
  • I saw a news strip in Hindu NDTV news channel about the demise of Moopanar's brother Shri. Soundar Rajan Moopanar passed away. He was ex-MLA. My deep condolences to Swetha our member who took us to her palatial house where we saw him, during our PS yathirai, in 2005.

  • May His Soul rest in Peace.

    We were accorded true Royal treatment by the Royal Family.

    Sri Soundararajan Moopanar was positioned in Thanjavur and his son Suresh Moopanar is also well respected in the Delta region.

    thanks chandra for recalling.

  • Condolences to Swetha. May the Lord give the family , courage to bear the loss.
  • May his soul rest in peace.

    Paid my tributes at Ramachandra Hospital yesterday.

    BTW, Mr.R.Soundarraja Moopanar is brother-in-law of Mr.G.K.Moopanar.
    (NDTV-Hindu had mentioned as brother by mistake).

  • Heart felt condolences to Swetha and her family. May his soul rest in peace.

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