seranmadevi Ramaswamy temple
  • Seranmadevi - Ramaswami temple:

    The name and the listed epigraphs created lot of interest and thought that it is a Rama temple. Surprised to see an Ashtanga Vimana .

    Name of the temple is Ramaswami temple but according to the Gurukkal the temple is now under the control of Lakshmanaswamy. ( Cobras) and hence disallowed me to go to the upper tires where Perumal is in sitting and sayana pose.

    Moolavar is Vedanarayana swamy in standing posture with Sridevi and Boodevi. Ramar is Utsava moorthy found in the temple well long back. temple is referred as Ramaswamy temple in British records but we cannot consider this for Ramayana series as the moolvar is in Vishnu form.

    790/1895. On the north wall of the shrine in the

    Ramasvami temple. A Vattejuttu record of the third year of

    Parakesarivarman Rajendracholadeva (101143) regarding the


    gift of ghee for a daily lamp by certain Vaikhanasas in the

    NigarilisOla Vinnagar temple. Nigarilisola was apparently a

    surname of Rajendra Chola I. See Ep. Ind., Vol. V, pp. 47-8.

    110. 180 of 1895. (Vatteluttu.) On the same wall. An in-

    complete record of Ko-Rajarajakesarivarman (I, 985103). Date


    111. 181 of 1895. (Vatteluttu.) In the same place. Records

    gift of a lamp in the third year of Parakesarivarman Rajgndra-

    choladeva (I, 101143).

    112. 182 of 1895. (Vatteluttu.) On the same wall. An in-

    complete record of the fifteenth year of Rajarajakesarivarman. See

    Ibid., p. 46.

    113. 183 of 1895. (Tamil.) On the south wall of the same

    temple. Records gift of lamp in the eighth year of Parakesari-

    varman Rajendracholadeva (I, IOII 43).

    114. 184 of 1895. (Tamil.) On the south wall of the mantapa

    in front of the same shrine. Records gift of lamp in K.A. 476.

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  • gurukkal doing pooja in perumaltemple??!!
  • I stand corrected. should have mentioned Bhatacharyar.

    But in the perumal temple at Kaveripakkam - Pallava, Vijaya Ganda Gopala period- a local young man dose the pooja. He is working in a factory but he is ensuring that Perumal is never " Hungry"

    We migrated to Chettinad from this place and thisyoung man dose not even accepts money and ensures that local people take care.

    He is neither a Gurukkal nor a Bhatacharyar.

    Not a single day - perumal is pattini

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