calculating from the 275th day of 25th Year of RRC having ascended in 985 AD (1010 AD).

    will post more details.

  • dear sps

    would you have the original text of this inscription.
  • Vidhwan Ve.Mahadevan (formerly well-associated with Kudanthai Sethuraman) has got Published a book titled " THANJAI INSCRIPTIONS of SIVAPATHASEKARAN " by SEKAR PADHIPPAGAM..

    Vellayampattu Sundaram of Sekar Padhippagam is well associated with History related activities and was honoured in one of the functions conducted at ASI, Thanjai - by Dr. Kalaikkovan.

    Writes Vidhwan Mahadevan / edited / ::

    RRC ascended the throne on July 18th 985 AD (as calculated by Kudanthai N Sethruaman in his The Cholas)... karkadaga punarvasu.

    25th Year 312th day - Golden Image for Sreebali
    26th year 14th day
    26th year 27th day
    26th year 34th day
    25th year 275 th day - Copper Kalasam (Seppukkudam)
    26th year 105th day
    26th year 318th day
    26th year 319th day..

    IN THAT ORDER.. the inscriptions are engraved..

    there by it is clear that the inscriptions are engraved after the 26th year.

    SII - Vol II . No: 1.. FIRST inscription denotes ::

    26th year - 20th day .. Naam edupitha thirukkattrali Sree Rakrakeeswaramudayurukku (to the Lord Rajarajeswaramudayar in the Stone- Structural Temple constructed by us ) naam koduthanavum (whatever WE granted) nam akkan koduthanavum (whatever our SISTER (kundavai) has granted) Nam pendugal koduthanavum (our Royal Women granted) matrum kuduthar kuduthanavum (other donors granted)SHREE VIMANATHILE KALLILE VETTRUGA (Engrave over the Walls of the Srivimanam) ena Thiruvoymozhindarula (thus VERBALLY ORDERED by (the King) Rajaraja Himself ) !!...



  • Dear Friends,

    Very glad to share with you that Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu - Dr. Kalaignar's request to realse a SPECIAL COIN on the HAPPY OCCASION OF 1000TH ANNIVERSARY OF RAJARAJECHARAM - Big temple at THANJAVUR has been accepted by the Govt of India.

    Likewise a SPECIAL STAMP is also to be RELEASED commemoring this.

    Incidentally pls recall 20.4.2010 - THURSDAY is the 275th day of 25 year of RRCs Ascending the throne - on which dfay - KALASAMs were granted to the Big temple of Thanjavur by Emperor Rajaraja.


  • Dear SPS,

    I would like to mention here your efforts on this particular thing during PSVP function when you request Thiru Vairamuthu about this and seeking his help.

    Your silent efforts sometimes unnoticed but achieved.

    Have to learn lot.

  • Dear SPS

    Thats great news!

    At last recognition for the achievements of a great man


    If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain;
    If I can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain,
    Or help one fainting robin, Into his nest again,
    I shall not live in vain.
    Emily Dickinson

    To: ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com
  • Dear Sri,

    You should now see the devotees thronging the big temple during Pradosham..

    looks it gains more importance as a place of worship than just a piece of wonder-monument.

    thanks and regards / sps

  • Today, World Heritage Day and Earth Day.Tourism Dept,Archeological Dept of Tamil Nadu and INTACH Thanjavur Chapter jointly celeberated this day by conducting Heritage Walk .Periyar Maniyammai Eng College students and staff in large numbers participated in the rally,which started from the palace and ended in Big Temple.Kudavoil Balu and myself gave a vivid picture of Heritage sites and buildings on the rout.This is the day which established the name and fame of RRC,yes,1000th year of RajaRajecharam begins today.We were fortunate enough to feel the spritual experience in this soil where RRC,his family,and thousands gathered and watched the auspicious occasion exactly 1000 years back,and paved a path to a new domain  in the world of arts and architectural .N.S

    TODAY a clipping by Sriram was shown re the big temple.

    it depicted several layers of SAND around Vimanam - (cork screw methodolgy also was discussed ) to carry heavy stones by elephants around the Vimanam to reach 215 feet height.

    in the clipping, inside the sanctum - the Lingam ( Peruvudayar) was already established..

    that is how there are references re Pooja conducted to this temple even prior to 275th day of 25th year of RRC.

    as referred in the inscriptions KALASAM was positioned on 275th day.

    Another interesting point ::

    Sought clarification from Pulavar Mahadevan ( Sub Editor Dinamalar) re Magudagamam worship in the big temple.

    He explained in simple terms :

    The Thalichery pendir will be dancing .. to specific tunes..

    The Sivacharyas will be performing musically matching that tune..

    The ambience will resemble Mt Kailsam !

    This was the pratice in Thiruvarur temple too !

    " We were fortunate enough to feel the spritual experience in this soil where RRC,his family,and thousands gathered and watched the auspicious occasion exactly 1000 years back,and paved a path to a new domain in the world of arts and architectural "


    Thanks for sharing that feel.

    regards/ sps
  • I have just returned from bangalore.
    On my way to another visit. Read in Times of India that the Tamilndu HRCE Minister and the Board had issued a specific oredr day before yesterday that - No renovation of temple paintings should be done without the proper permission of the board.  ( even if it is a private /mutt ) temple. a good one.( very samll bit in one croner
    simillarly is there any order on inscriptions?
  • 1000th year of Chithirai festival in RajaRjecharam is on.One of our family members-surprisingly RajaRajeswaran- is blessed to conduct the 10 th day festival.Decorated Sri Chandrasekarar with flowers in typical Thanjavur style,seated in a beautiful muthu pallakku,to bless his devotees in the four Raja Veedhis of Thanjavur.Nadhaswara mallari mingled with the breeze,blinking stars,loughing half moon,dotted lights in the dark background,Devaram,Thiruvisaippa,dancing girls...!What an enchanted experience!N.S

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