Another Earth ?
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    Who knows? They may even find likes of Gods Shiva,Ganesh,Jesus in that new earth

    The book "The chariots of the God" narrates the theory that "gods" have come from other planet and even mingled/ interacted with the human beings of our earth. They did lot of good things to the humans and then later went to their planet.Because of their good things, they were considered as God.
  • Dear Easwaran,

    I read that book more than a decade back.

    simple arithmatical assumption ::

    In the Galaxy system .. milky way .. how many solar systems.. and how many earths possibly exist . Among such great numbers,

    just take ONE where Inhabitants of Higher IQ than us (our Earth) exists.

    and in another One inhabitation of Lesser IQ than us (our Earth) exists.

    Now when the Higher IQ Inhabitant visit and appear infront of this earthly person.. we consider that inhabitant as God...

    Likewise if we visit - with our present level of IQ to a lesser IQ inhabited planet, those inhabitants will consider us GOD !!

    and extensively discussed on the MAYAN dynasty...

    And the Hollywood blockbuster movie 2012 is based on the same Mayan theories !!

    thanks and regards / sps
  • dear sps,
    What does Ayodhya have to do w fish?
    Do they mean MatsyaAvatara? or are they the Buddhist
    yoked-fish pair? kathie
  • Dear Kathie

    They probably have a buddist explanation as tHailand was buddist


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