• Dear Friends,

    You may be aware of ARUNACHALAM VAIDHYANATHAN of NDTV is enriching our Group too. He parttook in our August 15th meet. Mixes with members during Chennai Book Fair. So popular, yet so simple looking.

    TODAY - in 10 pm NEWS - his Interviewing His Lordship the Chief Justice of India was telecast.

    Today Landmark Judgement is delivered by the Division Bench whereby under Right to Information Act the office of the CJ also brought under its perview.

    Re transparency in Judicil appointments etc., CJI ensured everything is in order and politely pointed out that even in the USA current informations re Appointments cannot be had.. only 15 yr old informations can be had.. and all are Senate (Polity) decisions.

    Vaidhyanathan brilliantly put another Query : Why less number of Women Judges in SC in particular and judiciary in General. CJI replied from your publication of top 10 Advocates I do not find any Woman ! And quickly added, younger talents are taking more active role and the their representation is bound to improve.

    That was a Good Interview !

    Congrats dear Vaidhyanathan.

    regards and greetings,

  • Nice one.

    Like the note : sunlight is the best disinfectant

  • Dear Sir

    Thanks very much for your kind and warm (chilling weather in Delhi-now drizzling also) words.

    Chief Justice of India JUSTICE KG Balakrishnan is a simple man..unlike the north Indians..typical south indian....when you meet him at home..he will in dhothi or lungi.

    He may not have great communicative skills...but a good human being.

    I had interviewed him on 18Dec, 2008.

    Now I did it on Monday.. 11th afternoon...a portion of which was carried live.

  • Are we not stereotyping here by saying "unlike the north Indians" here implying that north Indians are not simple and only South Indians are?
  • What I have said is my experience with the Judiciary. I should have make this point clear.

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