kumbakonam trip
  • Kumbakonam Nageswarankoil inscription
    > It is unique inscription - which supports the fact that Kulothunga II arranged bringingout Thiruthondarthogai in the name of Periyapuranam by his Minister Sekkizhar.

    excellent. i am planning a trip to kumbakonam (most possibly a group trip) somewhere around 20th of november.

    i hope rahul joins me......

    enna rahul

    > sps
    > --------
  • Alright!! :) :) vera vazhi illa pola theriyudhu :) :)

    This is to everybody in this group. My marriage is on 27th November,2009, at
    Kumbakonam. All in this group are invited. I shall be sending invites once
    they get printed. Its a bit too early to announce but i guess Yezhuthaalar
    ayya Venketesh left me no choice :) :)
  • Dear rahul
    Congrats. Wish you have happy married life like Vikrama chola maharaja - kundavee devi
  • Dear Rahul,


    BTW, did u visit Thiruvidanthai alongwith Venkat in recent past ?
  • Rahul,
    My best wishes and heartiest congratulations
  • Vazhthukkal Rahul.

  • Oh.. Hearty Congrats..dear Rahul.

    Ulam niraindha Vaazhthukkal...

    mikka anbudan - sps
  • Dear Rahul

  • Congrats Rahul. Kumbakonam makes it interesting for many people to attend. Ippove ponnu veetila warn pannidunga :))
  • kudanthai, saturday sunday gentle climate, rivers are running full and lakes are brimming
    doesnt it give all of you a great idea?????

    (sari sari rahul, of course not greater than getting married )

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