www.readersnest.com - Online Library in Chennai - Now Open!
  • Hi All,

    Some of you might know that my wife, Shilpa was working on opening an
    online library.

    This library is now open. Please take the time to visit
    www.readersnest.com. You could browse through books and request books for
    borrowal. We will deliver the book at your doorstep and pick it back up,
    when you are done. The pricing and other details are mentioned in the site
    when you click on the ‘New Here’ button.

    Currently our collection is a wide range of English fiction. We are
    looking forward to adding more of the same, and tamil fiction too. Some
    reference books are also on the cards. You could suggest books, which we
    would consider during our procural, and keep you informed when it becomes

    We would also require a ton of feedback to improve the site and our

    Looking forward to your suggestions, enrollment, and hoping to provide
    the best books at the best rates.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. My mobile number is
  • Hey Madan,

    That is a good and intelligent effort. The website looks simple and neat.
    One thing that all the library going people would do first is to turn the
    book to read the synopsis. If you could add that for each book in the browse
    page itself(not you got to click the book to read it), the browsing effort
    comes down considerably.

    Will go through the site again and give more feedback when I get the time.
  • Hi Madan;
    This is really a wonderful venture. I've always wanted to do something like
    this due to my interest in reading. You've assembled a nice collection. Im
    sure this would grow into something big while retaining the personal touch.
    Good luck to you in this new venture.

    PS: Hope you can do something like this for us, who are a day's courier away
    from Chennai :) :)
  • Dear Madan & Shilpa,

    Great effort. Best Wishes for the success of this initiative.
  • Madan,
    i have seen the site, it is simple and very good.
    also nice venture.
    wish you all success
  • - Dear Madhan and Shipa,

    Very best wishes and hearty Greetings..

    memorable day .. 09.09.09.

    Congrats !


  • Ganesh: Madan and shilpa, that is a great business to get into. Congrats !

    Madan and shilpa : Thank you very much.

    Ganesh : the website had a simple layout and was quite easy to navigate

    Madan and shilpa : Thank you very much.

    Ganesh : the collection was quite impressive and carefully selected.

    Madan and shilpa : Thank you very much.

    Ganesh : but tamil bookssssssss...

    Madan and shilpa : Engalukku englishla pidikkadha ore varthai "Tamil"

    Ganesh : What about kalki's books?

    Madan and shilpa : eduda aruvaala...

    Ganesh : Escaaaapeeeeeeee....
  • heh, good one, Ganesh... We enjoyed reading it.... aamaaam, where are you
    flying to? ungala paradesam thorathiyum, ungaloda kusumbu pogala
    paartheeyalaaa! ;)

    Tamil books... we are gonna stock tamil books too, and definitely historical
    novels.... Just that we had been working on this for almost a year, and
    day-in-and-out for the last three months, we wanted to get a beta to open...
    we will continue to improve the site and the stock.
  • Madan, oru humble suggestion - try to make a category for 'rare and used books' to sell used bound old tamil novels now slowly dying in old book stores. Old versions of SS and PS will sell for a fortune (I am first buyer myself!!).

    Appuram oru velai Udanx's mom might change her mind and sell you some of her collection..(ippo his turn to 'eduda aruvaalai!!)

  • Speaking of old book stores, I used to frequent the second-hand bookshops in the old Moore Market near the Central station (before it burnt down). I always wondered where the used book-sellers have set up shop subsequent to that.

    Of course, I do not live in Madras anymore, but I do visit quite frequently. Any suggestions as to where one can find old books now-a-days in Chennai?

  • Hi Malathi,

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. Sure, we are looking at buying
    tamil and old books - in fact selling old books is a good idea... we are
    planning to introduce that too... (But, ungala nambi oru bookum vaanga
    maataen - after the malgudi days cd thingy ;) just kidding... :)

    Venkat: Of course, I have asked Shilpa to get some time of yours to get some
    more books. We will definitely keep pestering you :)
    Lear Jet - hahaha! why not?! Maybe this year itself :)

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