What's next after PS?
  • Hi,

    I'm very new to this group, and just finished reading the PS novel. This is certainly a masterpiece, and have developed a hunger to visit all those places mentioned in the historic events as detailed by the novel. I would also like to know from this group, which is the next novel in sequel? I mean, which novel describes the life of Arulmozhi after becoming the Emperor, and Rajendra Chola?

    Any pointers would be much appreciated!
  • Hi Rakki

    U definitely can read our member Mr. Anusha Venketesh's "Kaviri maindan" which is a sequel to PS - this takes off from sambuvurayar's family from where it was devastated after AK's death at their house - covers the search for pandyan rathnaharam.

    And balakumaran's "Udayar" which covers the time period close to construction of bigtemple to RRCs death (unveils the plot behind AK's death and punishment by RRC)

  •  you must read balakumaran's  UDAYAR, saandilyan's KADALPURA
  • S.M.T.Selvam
  • Thank you VJ, Ganesh, and Selvam.
  • Hi Rakki,
    The next is "Kaveri Maindhan" Written by Anusha Venkatesh.
  • Dear,
    You may read my "Kadal kalvettu" published in Kalaimagal during 2008 and now available in our file section.

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