Books I got
  • Dear all,
    On behalf of my birthday, i got books from my office friends,
    The books are 1.Cholas by K.A.N
    2. Kaviri Mainthan
    3.Thanjavur district temples
    Im very much surprised by this books.
    My friends told for kaviri mainthan they didnt get book from the they went to publications itself to Avenue Press in mylapore.
    I will have a great year with this books.

  • Hi,
    You are indeed blessed to have friends that gift you books....and they have taken pains to shop around...
    Happy birth day and good luck!
    Thanks for sharing.

    VERY GOOD FRIENDS... They have gifted you appropriate books.

    very best wishes, sps
  • Thank you for your wishes.
  • hello

    Can you tell me the address and phone no. of Avenue Press in mylapore. I would like to purchase Kaviri Mainthan.

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