September 9 - Amarar Kalki's Birth Day
  • Greetings to all our members and their families on this Happy
    occasion. !

    silent members... pls post your Greetings !

    Thanks Pavithra !

    anbudan / sps
  • Yesterday after finished my PS third volume,going to bed and just i was thinking about what kalki do now in heaven (just karpanai).
    Today his birthday...So definitely anga  periya celebrationa irukum.
    Kundavai,Arul mozhivarmaroda nalla Enjoy pannuvaru.
    Namma PS characters(real characters) elarum kandipa Kalkiku thanks solluvanga...Because of Kalki only, the characters in PS get a golder place in all our hearts.
    My Hearty thanks to Kalki and his PS.
    Greetings to all.
  • With the wishes, but poor Kalki will be missing Nandhini, isn't it????
  • Mainly his favorite Poonguzhali.....
    May be now she is rowing between srilanka and kodikarai...
  • Happy birthday to the great soul who made us all to meet in this great
    forum (and increased the sale of Bovonto. No one would have ever had
    Bovonto as their official drink :))
  • Kalki's fav character...

    Kandippa Vathiyathevan than...thats why he was made the hero...hehe...
  • If it is not for Kalki's PS, I would not have realised the essence of reading Tamil (or any) history.

    Hats off to a great soul!!
    And that was a nice karpanai!!

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