Raju's temple visits: Kottaimalai (Padavedu) Sri Venugopla Swamy Temple
  • Dear All,

    There is an update to my Blog with a travelogue to Sri Venugopala Swamy
    Temple at Kottaimalai (Padavedu):


    · Ancient Sambuvarayar period stone temple with a beautiful stone
    · Opens only on Saturdays from 9AM to 4PM and is located on top of
    the Raja Gambeera Mountain popularly known as Kottaimalai at a height of
    about 2500 feet.
    · The only route available is a ghat road running through a thick
    and beautiful forest. A breath taking journey to this temple can be
    performed partly by a specially made tractor which takes people to the
    foot of the temple from where there are about 350 steps to climb. En
    route one has to pass through a few iron bridges constructed around the
    hill which are engineering marvels.
    · Due to the 2500 feet height factor and the many mountains
    around, a very strong and cool breeze blows out at the mountain top and
    one has to stand very carefully with a firm grip on the ground.
    · The main deity is the beautiful Lord Venugopala Swamy standing
    in a very stylish posture playing flute along with his consorts Rukmini
    and Satyabhama.
    · A temple not to be missed since this has something for all
    types/ ages of people - as a spiritual place and as a pleasure spot - so
    near Chennai.
    · Not possible to miss the temple once seen in photos
  • Please provide a link to the blog post, which will help the new members.
  • Hello,

    Please give the link to the blog so that we can read about Padavedu. My native village is near Padavedu. I am eager to read this.


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