Seminar on Pandyan History 1973 - [agathiyar] VELir - An Old Salvaged Posting
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    Forwarding Dr.Jaybee's Velir Kings related post in Agathiyar groups.
    Raghava Iyengar's Tamil Kurunila venthar (written before 1946) is also another must read material in this regards.
  • hai to every body:
    and another thing i want to mention here is as i went through some books that the PANDYAS belongs to the LUNAR RACE and the CHOLAS belongs to the SOLAR RACE its having its own proof that in the THIRUVAALANGADU copper plate of RAJENDRA CHOLA-1 he describes that they(CHOLAS) belongs to the SOLAR RACE a best example for this is the great king RAJA RAJA CHOLAN claims himself as PANCHAVAN KON etc it means that PANCHAVAN signifies the name of the king SIBI CHAKRAVARTHI FROM SOLAR RACE.

    thank u


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