Udayarpalayam Temple
  • I heard from one of our Temple_cleaners group supporter and a
    vivid reader of PS, Mrs.Varalakshmi Gurumurthy that the Samadhi of
    RR is in Udayar Palayam and the Shiva Linga laid on top of his
    burial is now in a slanted position and the temple just a hut?? Is
    that the condition even today? Ifmembers there can check out, I
    will take up initiative of rebuidling that temple as a member being
    involved in both PS and temple_cleaners activities. Pls let me know
    I have already asked Mrs.Varalakshmi to become a meber of our PS
  • Dear Chandra,

    That place is not a temple at all. Couple of months before starting
    varalaaru.com, we visited that place along with kalaikkovan and
    nalini. Just lingam and avudaiyaar were there in the paddy field. We
    digged out the lingam and there were no structures found. There were
    many such lingams in paddy fields of that area. Probably that lingam
    might have come there because of flood.

    Some historians (they didnt tell the name) visited that place before
    us told the land owner that govt will acquire his land for building
    Rajarajan memorial there. So, he was afraid and hesitated to allow
    us inside his field. Nearly 1 hr of explanation that we are not from
    govt and wont do anything to his land, he allowed. At the end, we
    convinced him that there is no evidence to prove it as a temple and
    nothing will happen to his land. He was relieved then.

    This was reported in the very first issue of varalaaru.com. Follow
    the link http://www.varalaaru.com/Default.asp?articleid=11
  • Dear SPS

    there is a strong rumour( lasting a 1000 years) that rrc died even
    before the mandalabishekam period was over for the big temple.
    perhaps the rumour rose because of some incomplete parts of the

    also in some parts close to chidambaram like porto novo( parangipettai
    there are claims that rrc went there.

    do we for shure know

    when the greatest king of tamil nadu died
    and where?
  • *"greatest king of tamil nadu"* Shall we all agree to this or do the people
    from the Pandya capital(myself included) have something to say. Afterall we
    did outlast the cholas.
  • Hi rahul

    I am from pandya land too.

    as a dynasty I agree the pandyas were the die hard as DR. Jay bee
    always used to say
    but we have to agree that when the magnitude of individual kings came
    I think rrc and rajendra were far ahead.

  • Not only Tamilnadu. We can proudly say he was the 'Greatest king
    of India'. 'Chezhiyarai dhesukol' - No king gave such compliment for
  • uh oh, are we forgetting ashoka, chandragupta maurya and harsha here? what
    about Akbar the great?
  • He was a great king but to call him "The Greatest" wouldn't be fair to many
    others maybe "One of the greatest kings of India" would be an apt phrase.
    Ashoka,the Mughals, the Pandyas (Im not giving up on that),the Pallavas all
    were great in thier own way. Just because some of them weren't documented
    doesn't mean they should be relegated to second grade.
    If this list can include great leaders then would Malik Kafur qualify? He
    was a Gujurati afterall. Dont forget the Lord did not even come in the
    dreams of all the great kings in this list but he let himself be viewed by
    this temple destroyer. Is that a sign? This is more a doubt than a point of
    view. I think Mr Venketesh can give us a good account on this.
    BTW Mr.Venketesh you are very special person in this Pandya community. I
    still get dreams about "MADURAI"
  • The answer to this question and to many other
    mysteries in Tamil history may lie in those
    unpublished inscriptions at Mysore...

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