Top 10 Historical Non-Finction Books One should have on their bookshelves
  • We have discussed books sometime in the past. With the Chennai book fair fast approaching, what do the members think are their top 10 favorite books. Books they think an individual should have on their books shelves.

    Please share your list of non-fiction.
  • Dear,
    Nowdays I got much intereasted in Mylai Seeni books.
    I have made budget proposal and got my wife's approval to buy Mylai seeni Venkatasamy books. such as  "Seran Senkuttuvan", "Kalapirar aatchiyil tamilagam" "History of cheras", "Murkaala cholarkal","Kaatidakkalai, Tamilar Valartha Azakukkalai"
    This will serve me for two purposes. one for writing historical novels and antoher being to understand our culture in depeth.
    Dont fight with me regaring this issue. I am not propagating Mylai Seeni venkatasamy who died long back and have no family.
     Since intellisurfer  asked top historical non fiction books i am telling my wish to buy these books during book fair.  I am not having any intention more than this. OK Dear.
    Last year we have an informal meet at book fair.
    Our great Anusha, Muruganathan, Sundar Krishna, Vijay  and so many others participated. Whether any type of meeting either informal or formal is possible ?.
    Another News: Vanathi is facilitating the authors/ releasing the books which  are coming during the book fair. It may be on eight.  i.e. on 8th of January.
    Myself and Anusha and others will likely to participate, as Anusha's Kanchi and Mine Manimala are being released on that day. Dont mistake me again. It is not self propoaganda. It is only news.
    Can we combine our formal/informal meeting with this?
    Dear Sundar and Muruganatham, Vijay please suggest your valuble views for PS formal or informal  meeting at book fair.
    Vijay  are you coming for the book fair from swarna boomi? Normally you combine this wtih music season? 
    Our great SPS please suggest your views on this.
  • 1. Topagraphical inscriptions of Tamilnadu by Mr T V Mahalingam

    These 9 volumes - give the gist of all epigraphs ( dated till 1300) recorded by ASI till 1971.

    2. All books of KA Neelganda Sastry

    3. Pallava copper plates

    4. 10 Pandya Copper Plates
  • I might miss the fair. Can I walk to the University of Madras and buy KAN's books?

  • KAN book chola is not available in Madra University but available in book fair - by some other publisher
  • New Century has the tamil version of Chola's by KAN in two volumes.

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