Removing the Sheen from Buddhism
  • I like the teachings of Buddha.Having said that, I have my biases against Buddha and Buddhism.

    Here is an interesting discussion if you have the time and enthusiasm to read.
  • The write up, is unfortunately , a diatribe , mixed with facts and fiction

  • The greatest Jew of all ages is Albert Einstein !!!!!!!!
    And He called Gandhi-
    "Generations to come will scarce believe ...."
    And he lived in  the times of Hitler !!!
    When he has such a veneration for Gandhi, it is surprising that
    Gandhi is called Stupid !!
    If Gandhi is stupid, the Krishna can also be called Stupid because
    he asked Yadavas to do pooja at Prabhas and they died fighting due to a quarrel that was started because of over drinking !!
    Rama can be called stupid because he sent his wife to forest because
    some people in his kingdom did not like the taking back his wife.
    Any Great man you call a name, world can give you hundred wrong
    accusations about him.
  • Oh really? Maybe Einstein should have stuck with Germany instead of emigrating to USA. Following Gandhi's request, he could have gone further ahead and laid down his life.

    You are asking me to fall for the logical fallacy "Appeal to Authority". So just because Einstein has few kind words for MKG, I should agree with MKG? Brilliance in one field does not necessarily transfer to brilliance (or understanding) in other fields.

    MKG asking the Jews to 'voluntary suffering, even massacre' is heights of stupidity, because being an extremist, he did not want to understand the other side. He supported the Khilafat Movement, only to be later on let down by the people he supported. It is fine for one individual to be naive and suffer betrayal and scorn. But expecting communities and nations to follow him is heights.'The Jews', by Gandhi - From Harijan, November 26, 1938
  • It is not a write up, it is a discussion forum; and they are discussing just like we discuss here.
  • 1. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose believed thatHitler's Germany with allies
    as Italy and Japan will give freedom to India and joined them.
    What the British did not do in 100 years, the japanes did it in
    just few months. The Jarawas of Nicobar and Andaman who even Tsunamis could not overawe were massacred by Japanese forces
    which had arrived in the name of Subash. Was Subash who joined
    the Hitler's alliance Stupid ?????

    2.Subramanya Bharathi and Rabindranath Tagore went into raptures
    on Gandhi's personality. Were they fools and Stupid to believe this
    man ???

    3. Ramana Mahrishi cried when Gandhiji died !!! He called the
    Mahatma an incarnation of Rama Bhakt Hanuman. Was he stupid ???

    4.Kanchi Paramacharya Chandrasekarendra Saraswathipraised Gandhiji in his Samanya Dharama
    speech and told people to follow dharma which had raised Gandhi from
    an ordinary person to a man without whom British were not ready to
    discuss about Swarajya. Was he Stupid ?????

    5.You talk about Khilafat. At that time Gandhiji was only one of the
    tall leaders. What about other leaders who whole heartedly supported the movement. What about Lala Lajpat Rai, CR Das, Chintamani.
    Were all these people fools and Stupid.

    6.Krishna was let down by Yadavas. Was he stupid.

    If all of these people are stupids , then Gandhiji is in elite Company dear.
  • Dear all

    Can we all restrict the discussion to Budhism/Jainism and their works, imapct on TN History.

    One of my friend who is highly money minded once to all our surprise said he loves Gandhi very much.

    We were shocked and said "you are doing everything against his principles and openly showing off " - he replied " I like to collect his pitures and lespecially like to collect his picture where the number 1000 is written ( meaning Rs 1000 note)
  • I ask for the members not issue provocative statements
    like Shivaji was looter and Gandhiji was stupid.
    Such Statements if issued, will be contested.

  • friends,
    society was divided between brahmanas and sramanas( jains) both had an antagonistic views on philosophy. buddha found a middle path. his teachings were patronised by kushan emperors till 3ad. but guptas supported hinduism so it perished in north india by 7th century in north india.

    buddhism views well correspond with modern quantum physics.

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