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    I happen to visit the above said web

    Is this Marati anything to do with our Maharashtra?

    A man named Marati lived in a village called Daplingling. In this village, the people only lived with light and there was no night. Marati heard that there was an island in the Torres that had something called night. He paddled in his canoe through the sea to Toga Island. In his canoe he brought a pig, whose custom name was narawe. Marati gave this pig to the chief of Toga as payment for the night. In addition to buying the night, he also bought a rooster. He went back to his island and talked to the people in his village.
  • Hi Friends,
    Very interesting to see comments and arguments however I feel that we are simply
    wasting our energies in a very unimportant topic. Of course if we have nothing
    else to discuss then we may continue on Tajmahal or Tejo-mahalaya.
    I don't remember which esteemed member started this thread but there is a simple
    rule whenever anyone puts forward a theory. And that simple rule is to
    explainon what pillars this theory is supported. If there are no pillars then
    of course there is no theory. The same point has been put by other members as
    well like Shash and Vj.

    Its similarthat someone says 2+2=5, and now we are trying to convince him, no
    no 2+2=4 only.Do we need to convince someone on some well established theories
    rather than first asking him why 2+2=5. Its not that well established theories
    are not changed or modified but if someone has to do then he or she has to come
    up with solid arguments.
  • The problem is we donot consider history as a science rather an art

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