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  • The kohinoor diamond was originally taken from Lahore. If returned it would go to Pakistan, not India. Pakistan actaully even asked for it once. No marks at all for guessing where it is better preserved.

    The hope diamond sits loud and gorgeous at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. BTW there is a travelling exhibit of diamonds currently at the Field Museum in Chicago. The exhibit has a very good history of diamond mining in India with displays from several parts of the world and several from India. It is very much worthy of viewing for anyone in the states. An interesting tit bit from there was that some of these treasures are too expensive to even be insured on or to be sold to anyone and therefore actually a liability for the owner (due to lack of resale value).
  • Hi Malathi

    I think the Kohinoor belonged to AP's diamond mines before having transferred to the Slave dynasty. After that it was gone into the eastern side of the then Indian country. The persian name was KoH e Noor (Mountain of Light).

    It is also known to be the 'Syamantaka Gem' , but thats mythology to some or history to others :-)

    Technically it belongs to current India :-) infact to the Vengi Kingdom !

    Vengi alias Andhra was always Kubhera's kingdom as it had the diamond mines for a long time. Even now, AP is kubhera's kingdom, only close to Gujarat to prosperity - Bless 'em for that :-)

    - R
  • Very good to know Ravi, thanks.
  • Yes, Kohinoor was indeed taken from Golgonda Mines.

    In Golgonda fort's Light show they proudly mention this. It is one of the
    finest light shows I have ever seen with the voices of celebrities like
  • so we should say Kubhera Pradesh instead of Andhra Pradesh?
    by the way, how's the new state coming along?

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