Mandahini devi@Oomai rani's pallippadai
  • Dear sir,One of the charecters of PS is Mandhahini Devi@Oomai Rani.It is believed that she is an imaginary character created to move the story,since there is no evidence in the pages of Chola's history to prove that she was Sundara Chola's Ist wife. I request our members to go through the following and decide whether she was real or unreal.
    In Thanjavur,there is an very old temple for Sengamala Nachiyar.Local tradition goes like this about how that temple and deity happened to come there.
    Actually Her name was SINGALA Nachiyar.She was a native of Singalam(Cylone).When the Tnj Chola Raja visited Cylone,met her and married her.She was dumb by birth.Raja returned to Tnj leaving her in Cylone.That prognant Oomai Rani came to Tnj in search of his husband.Here her end came.She requested the Raja,her burial site should be in a forest.A temple was erected there.People called Her Singala Nachiyar,and the temple as Kaattu Koil.She is celebrated as a Kaaval Deivam.She protected the reservoir which supplied water to Tnj fort, moat and the residents.Natives of Tnj still worship Her,and submit their grievances in the form a letter.
    I left this matter to our members to decide.Really Kalki is more than any historian!Awaiting your comments.Thanks

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