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  • Dear All,

    Its quite sometime I wrote here. Am very much busy at office that I
    find no time to write.

    Coming to the point. I am reading SS now and as usual enjoying the
    story line. but, idikara vishayam ennanaa...why is Kalki so obsessed
    with Aal Marattam.....Parthiban Kanavu - Samiyar and Narasimha
    pallavan, Vikraman disguising as rathina vyabari etc.
    PS - Senthan Amudhan, Madhuranthakan...
    SS - Bikshu and Pulikesi...

    Any reason behind such aal marattam.Somehow I feel its monotonous in
    all his three historical novels that he adopts aal marattam as a
    primary means to unfold his plot...Somehow I didnt like it. This, i
    feel spoils the reality of the story line. I didnt give it much a
    thought earlier, but when I am reading SS now, I could not stop
    thinking on this line.

    Your comments please.
  • 'Crazy' Mohan drama-layum koodadhaan aal maaraattamaa irukkum. yedho,
    bore adikkaama nallaa irundhaa sari.

    aanaal Sivagaamiyin Sabadham padichchaa enjoy pannareenga? Innum
    second volume padikka aarambikkalayaa? ;-) Vellam vandhu Narasimma
    pallavanum Sivagaamiyin kaattukku povaanga illa, appo book poora orey
    hacksaw blade-aa irukkum. :-))

  • Hi Kripa,

    I am about to finish SS. Last few chapters left. I actually enjoy the
    story line. Oru Kanchi/Manimangalam war, oru vathapi war. Two incidents
    connected to one another and Kalki has devised nearly 1000 page of
    story, almost 90% fiction. Thats the greatness of Kalki.

    yes all the romantic scenes are hacksaw blade than. TOo much of
    varnanai and dialogues.

  • aanaalum ungalukku porumai jaasthidhaan.

    One year back Kalki came in my dream. I asked him why did he write
    such a "blade-u" story like SS when he could write novels like PS or
    at least Paarthiban Kanavu. Know what he told me?

    "Krupa, I wrote Paarththiban Kanavu first. Then wrote Sivagaamiyin

    "adhaan theriyumey. maettarukku vaanga.", I said.

    "I then made a decision not to bore my fans with stories like
    Sivagaamiyin Sabadham and chose the Paarththiban Kanavu route. Unakku
    yedhu romba pudikkum?"

    "yenakku Ponniyin Selvandhaan pudikkum", as I said my office MD woke
    me up and said, 'Krupa, time is up. Go home and come back tomorrow to

  • Krupa,

    you know what, Kalki has himself said(not in my dream, nijamavee..)that
    SS was in his mind for 12 long years and he was restless until he
    completed the story 12 years after conceiving the idea of the story. He
    said, only after he wrote Muttrum for SS his 12 year long baram was
    relieved. I am not sure whether he has said something like this for PS.
    ethulernthu therinchikalam, how much SS was dear to Kalki.

    Even before Parthiban kanavu was conceived, SS took shape in his mind
    and thats why he has given a trace of SS in Parthiban kanavu itself.

    ana, innum yarume intha aal maratta velayata pathi pesave
    matengareengale...Krupa you are deviating me. why kalki followed a
    monotony to unfold his plots? your thoughts please.

  • ahaa, paaththeengalaa! Kalki-ye sollittaar. He was restless until his
    "baram was relieved". Avarukkey thaanga mudiyalai-nnaa, namba nelamaya
    kaekkavey vaendaam. btw, he would not tell anything like this for PS. :-))

    apparam, regarding my thoughts about aal maaraattam, I did say Crazy
    Mohan also used to do this in his writings... but as long as these are
    fun, "no probelm" (Suzuki advertisement style-la padikkavum).

    SS & Parthiban Kanavu-la aal maaraattam vechchu main kadhaiye irukku.
    aanaa in PS, it is not the main storyline. Kalki has tried various
    things in PS, face-to-face encounter (Ravidhasan & VD), suspense
    (obvious... killing AK), thriller (again, killing AK), humour
    (niraya), romance (SS alavukku illai, thappichchome), etc. Aal
    maaraattam is just one of them. aanaal PS-la aal maaraattaththai base
    panni yedhaavadhu oru plot... mhooom, appadiyaa thondrugiradhu?

    yenna irundhaalum PS padichcha kannaala SS padichchu irukkeengaley....
    ayyo paavam. ;-)

  • Hi Boss,
    i beg to differ.
    ya sure. there is so much romance in SS..
    but it's not that boring...
    even the romance is good...
    kalki's varnanai is too good to resist...
    flow is superb with their Q&A session kinda stuff...
    surely u would have read sandilyan's...
    even then u r saying Kalki's version boring..
    i don't beleive it Sir..

    Satheesh Saba.

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  • I personally liked Sivakamiyin Sabatham as a story, better than PS. SS had a
    more taut storyline IMHO. Then again these are personal choices.
  • Kannaala padikama kaadalya paadihika mudiyum....? neenga ennum
    thookathilerndu ezhunda pogalaiya veetukku? enda officela work


    > yenna irundhaalum PS padichcha kannaala SS padichchu irukkeengaley....
    > ayyo paavam. ;-)
    > Krupa
  • I have read only two of Chandilyan's Novels, one being Manjal Aaaru.
    aamaam aamaam, chandilyanukku Kalki paravaa illaidhaan. :-))

    Flow is superb, but I the speedbreakers in the second volume are too
    boring to tolerate. :-((

    apparam, don't call me just "Sir". Call me Shreelashree Mr. Krupa
    Shankar Sir. okay-vaa? ;-)

  • Office-la work yellaam pannarane-nu solli yennai avamaana
    paduththaadheenga!!! sollittane aamaam.

    kaadhaala sivagaamiyin sabadham padikkalaamey. AIR-la PS mudinjadhum
    adhudhaan irukkum. neengalum Sathish-um kaettukkonga, naan
    kaekkaradhaa illai.


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