Wars - Alwarkadiyan Comments - a Contradiction in PS
  • in chapter 18 or 20, Pudhu Vellam, Alwarkadiyan thinks like this:
    'oh Stars!!! what do you think? these human beings are crazy! you
    have been here for 1000s of years and seen many things. now, you feel
    silly that these people fight for land and others.'


    So, there is philosophy in PS. which says that "'Wars are wrong."'

    But immediately PS glorifies those people who fought and died in
    wars. which means that '"You can get glory from Wars."'


    I like PS for the Tamil. but I am "aware" of such contradictions in
    PS and in human behavior - through out history.

    I want other members to appreciate and be aware of such
    contradictions. not only in PS. but others also.

    Cholas might have done good to THEIR people. but in the process,
    they "harmed" many others.

    My idea is 'live and let live.' There was no reason EXCEPT EGO, to go
    from Tanjore to Srilanka (as one of the Princes is in Srilanka and
    the other in Kanchi).

    PS JUST GLORIFies what they did. But there is another side. that is
    the selfish nature.

    I will read further. but my ideas that 'all were selfish' was


    that means, for selfishness, you can do anything. kill your own
    brother (as happened in the Bible).

    that means people never changed. since bible, since PS (900 AD) and
    even in 2005.


    only technological development?
    you killed with bows and arrows 1000 years ago. now, you kill with


    Sorry for going philosophical. but will come back again... with
    complaints/contradictions and praises about PS.
  • We don't go through philosopy or human behaviour etc
    in this forum.

    Kalki wrote a great novel based on great history
    dominantly taken place in Tamil.

    We talk about great valour of Rajaraja or Karikal
    Chola it doesn't mean everybody here interested in

    If Rajaraja not won the war means somebody might have
    won the war and history made on him. If you like it or
    not, you have to take part in either side of the war
    to protect yourselves. Neutral means again you have to
    be so strong to protect yourself from war parties. The
    war often pushed not opted.

    Rajaraja Cholan went to Srilanka not for his ego.
    Srilanka king taken side with Pandya and troubled
    Cholas. So Srilankan king paid the price.

    One of the Chola king chased away srilankan army who
    captured Madurai. During that time Chola army captured
    srilankan general, killed him and dangled his head on
    Madurai fort. And people justified that Chola king's

    So whether you like war or not, you must be strong to
    avoid war. Even peace keeper would kill more to keep
    peace. If peace keeper with out proper protection,
    preaches peace would get killed.

    So there is no neutral with out be strong otherwise
    neutral king and nation swallowed by war.
  • If PS and other kings were not selfish the srilankan king would have
    come and conquered it. These kings were providing stability to the
    region and supported culture, arts, etc. It is very much necessary
    to be selfish. Look at the south and north. we have attained
    Intellectual maturity thanks to these kings.

    Kshatriya dharma was maintained. People fought after sunrise and
    before sunset. This is reflected from Mahabharata wars, Egyptian
    wars. First time it was violated Alexander, second when there was an
    attack on Prithviraj before daybreak. Can you read - Inru poi nalai
    wa¬°¬°episode. It was considered bad to attack when the opponent did
    not have weapon. such is the greatness of the dharma.

    If people were not fighting then how will they protect their homeland
    when there is a foreign invasion. even today the concept is if you
    dont kill you will get killed. Look at the Bhakti period - Meera and
    Krishna Chaitanya and Ashoka. The rulers were weak and the people
    were weak and we meekly surrendered when there was a foreign

    Bhagavad Gita can be considered as a basis of measure because it
    covers several subjects in question and answer form. It Justifies
    War. when Arjuna resigned from war saying that he does not wont the
    war nor the kingdom it was given to us. Subbu please read BG also.

    Just because Alwarkadiyan says something does not mean all the other
    characters should follow it.

    Did you read Malik Kafur attack on Srirangam or Ghori on Somnath
    temple? These things will happen if we dont offer wars. if you dont
    kill you will get killed.

    Exactly the development is technological development nothing else.
    whereas Ksatriya Dharma is never followed these days. It is a setback
    compared to the earlier days. This is one of the reason I am
    interested in reading history when you can read the thought
    leadership of the kings.

    Look at the way they constructed Veeranam Yeri, Kallanai, Periya
    koil, they offer prizes to poets, offer lands and grants to temple,
    Kings were equally learned.

    Even in present days we have sea pirates(2 months back month some
    Japs were taken hostage near Malaysia, Indonesian borders)
    these kings had crushed them and allowed trade to take place.

    Compare our kings with Roman kings.

    Spanish attrocities in South America, Mexico, Brithish in Tasmania,
    Australia, Mongolians in Asia, Portugese in India.

    I have the satisfaction that our kings were just and learned.
  • Dear Subbu
    Finish the book first for there are people here who have read the book so many times..

    The Correct version is Alwarkadiyan wonders...Even after so many years after the war this is Pagaivanin Pallipadai....So he exasperates about the vengence people have even after aperson is dead....

    You will see what all alvarkadiyan does in the later stages...

    SPS and Veerasamy very nice comments
  • SPS,

    Thanks a lot for providing lots of interaction in the group.

    My understanding has increased in the last 6 months about the
    architecture of Indian temples by going through varalaru and
    PS archives.

    Right now i am wondering whether the word secularism in India
    reflects its true meaning?

    We have lot to learn from PS, Kalki and from people like you who have
    access to the treasures in the temples and kalvettus.

    I was very frustrated with JNU historian like Thapar (communist?) and i
    think plenty of work has been done by Dr Kailkovan and many others in
    this group. I was really happy to learn about all the tours organised
    by this group.

    I have been going through PS after atleast 30 years.
    Presently I am reading part 4.

    I will appreciate if anyone gives me the chozha dynasty after Rajendran.

    Independently i came across that a set of vaishnavas have landed in
    Thailand 1000 years back and are still Rajagurus there. Thirupavai and
    thiruvempavai are in Thai language. I actually heard a thai national
    singing them.

    BTW my Japanese friend went to Cambodia and shared some photographs.
    Even today Japanese have been doing plenty of research in Cambodia about
    Angolwat. Lots of their research coming in TVs.

    Our Researchers should also appear in TV with the research work to
    reach Mass media so that everyone gets benefitted.

    I am in the process of renovating a 900 year old vishnu temple in
    Aragazhur near attur in salem district.If anyone has any material
    please share with me.
  • Please check this link Sir, for the dynasty from Vijayalaya Cholan.


    Thanks & Warm Regards,
  • Thanks a lot Venkat. That was the material I was looking for
    when i came across the following piece of info.
  • Dear sivapathasekaran

    During Rajarajacholan in srilanka for War.

    He took foods from india.

    He didn't trouble the srilankans.

    This bought fame to Rajarajan than Rajendran .

    Rajendran gat big victories than Rajarajan.

    Hope you are clear.

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