Food items in PS
  • I am wondering what food items were there during PS times.
    I have read Kootanchoru.

    Idli is ruled out so is dosai.

    What about Pongal, Puliyodarai were they available those days?
    chitrannam like lemon rice, curd rice...?

    Chillies may not be there but milagu vadai and ulundu vadai?

    I am wondering about kulagar koil prasadam
    palpayasam, appam?

    what would have Azhvarkadiyan tasted?
  • I remember having read in First part when Vandhiyathevan is taken to
    Senthan Amudhan's house first. He has :

    Pulikkari (tamarind curry)
    Cholamaappaniyaram (Paniyaram with Corn flour)

    In the Second part at the Chola army camp, they are seen as having
    Pongal and Vegetable curry.

    They might have had Aappam, Idiaappam, Rice, etc.

    Rice means Puliyodharai, Lemon Rice, Curd Rice, Coconut Rice all
    included ....... and also Pongal including our normal Rice Pongal
    with Milagu and Sarkarai Pongal (may not be with Sugar but with
    Jaggery & Milk).

    [Sarkarai Pongal has been in vogue logn before Chola times : Aandal
    sings in her famous "Koodaarai Vellum Govinda" paasuram about Sweet
    Pongal : ".....Mooda Ney Peidhu Muzhangai Muzhi vaara....." ]

    Appam & Vadai might have also been there.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,
  • That was a great one Venky. I felt the same thing. I have see
    paniyaram (Takoyaki in Japan) and idhiyappam like stuff in thailand.
    Thengai based foods are there in Cambodia. so Tamil food has spread
    to other countries. vadai - falafel is an Israeli food.
  • Dear Krupa,

    Kalkiyoda karppanai characters and events la thaan athikam irukka
    mudiyum. For record, he had visited all these places many times
    before writing the novel. He has also done a lot of research on the
    equipments and tools used.

    Vere engeyume avar food items pathi solvathe illai. I feel he would
    not have mentioned these items without confirming whether these foods
    existed then.

    Of course, Vaniyammai annikku indha palakaaram thaan samaichaanga
    enbathu karpanai thaan.... Aanal intha palakaarangal annaikku
    irunthirukkalam enbathu karpanai alla.

  • I read somewhere that there was a kalvettu to prepare ghee rice and
    curd rice.
  • Hi,

    I guess "puttu" as also one of the oldest tamil food.

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