Kanheri Caves - Mumbai
  • Dear Friends,

    This is my last article on Mumbai monuments, till I find new ones on my
    next visit :). Kanheri caves are well known Buddhist site at Mumbai. I am
    sure you might have seen some pictures of it already, however there are
    certain salient features which I would like to point out in my article:

    - The largest cave complex on a single hill among the caves of western
    - Eleven-headed Avalokiteshvara image - the only lithic example found in
    India (Debala Mitra)
    - Paintings depicting Buddha in Bhumi-sparsha-mudra
    - Litany of Avalokiteshavra showing ten fears instead of usual eight
    - water cistern found almost in all the caves, water connectivity across
    all the caves was very masterly done

    The article spans across four chapters, if you want to skip a chapter then
    go to the end of it and you will find link to the next one.

    Link - http://puratattva.in/2013/07/19/kanheri-past-references-2336.html

    With this I finish with Mumbai and divert attention again to Karnataka.
  • Wonderful dear Saurabh.

    would it be possible to present some talk on the 3rd August - morning at chennai in our meet ?

    pls do mail.

    rgds/ sps
  • Lovely Saurabh. Keep going.
  • Awesome articles. Would love to keep reading. Thank you for posting. :)

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