Review - Ponniyin Selvan Drama @ Chicago
  • A big congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to the team that delivered a very aesthetic, authentic and still gripping production of PS in Chicago. The nearly 1000 member audience was kept enthralled through and even children could follow most of the play.

    I went to it, feeling that nobody can do justice to this work that is close to all our hearts. I was also worried because i had hyped up PS to my kids and hoped the production will live upto it and not bore them. I was sure I will criticize many things, but really finding it hard to find many issues :)

    The script was quite tight picking through the most important episodes. Friends in the audience who had only read the Amar chithra katha on RRC could also follow well. One did miss the rich sidetracks of Azhwarkkadiyan, etc but they have done the best in the 3 hour duration. The complexity of the characters of Nandini, Poongazhali, periya pazhuvettarayar were also not brought out much, which is again a limitation due to the time constraint.

    The dialogues were good but made easy to appeal to the crowd. Most of the cast did an excellent job of delivery. The actor portraying our hero Vandiyathevan did an exemplary job, without which the whole experience could have been marred. Kundavai, Arunmozhi, Poonguzhali and Chinna Pazhuvettayar were great in their parts. Some of the others forgot to come closer to the mikes and some voices were not quite distinct.

    Good work on the props used - though simple, they conveyed authenticity. The boats moving were a hit with my children. The costumes were a bit on the rich side, but were probably needed to create some liveliness.

    Awesome overall. I am thankful also because for the PS fever ignited in my children. I hope they will read the English version soon and hopefully the tamil version later.

    My only complaint is the nearly 40 minutes of speech prior to the play. When we go to local American plays, musicals, there is nearly no talking. Even sponsors are only acknowledged outside the hall. Here, we had many organizers and sponsors spend several minutes talking when the audience were eager for the play. I wish we get better at overall audience experience before and after the event as well.
  • great ! congrats on the success of the drama, if anyone made the video version pls do share ! thank you all
  • we must do one in chennai - with our group members acting??
  • Wonderful.

    thanks a lot for the details.

    " Awesome overall. I am thankful also because for the PS fever ignited in my children. I hope they will read the English version soon and hopefully the tamil version later."

    great !!

    our Group whole-heartedly congratulates one and all who initiated and made this happen !!

    warm rgds / sps
  • Congrats to all who can keep the PS fever for ever and ever

  • A wonderful idea!! Please consider it. With such enthusiastic PS fanatics, it will be a great production. SPS sir, please consider pulling a team together. PSnu sonnaale koottam alai modhum!!

    You could approach pros like Gowri Ramnarayan, but many of you can do as good a job on script, direction. You could also get the script from the US director if you prefer.
  • Thank you Deepa for attending the drama and even a bigger thanks for writing a nice and detailed review.

    I am the one who did the Vanthiyathevan role and thank you for the kind words. I will be sure to pass on your review to our team.
  • Dear Mani,

    Do you have the video of the drama? Please do share.
  • Excellent idea. please allow me to see the drama
  • We will definitely consider this and make progress !!

    thanks for the suggestions,

    rgds / sps
  • For a longtime I have a doubt,

    If PS to be made as a play, which could be a best introduction scene For Vandhiyathevan?

    Any idea?

    Thanking You

  • As a theatre person with over 35 years of experience in writing directing and producing meaningful plays I will bew interested in this project I would like to offer my services as a Director and assist in this production I have produced Kalki's Sivagamiyin Sabatham and Ponniyin Selvan as Audio Books I have also gone deep into these subjects Probably people in Chennai who may be kn owing me can give me an intoduction Thanks Bombay Kannan
  • Congrats Mani...

    Its great to know that you have given life to the dreamboy character of the novel...
    Actually there are lot more fans to vanthiyathevan than the hero of the story arunmozhivarman, bcos of kalki's word spell...

    I would like to see the video if possible or atleast please share some photographs.. eager to see the characters in life
  • Thanks!

    We will be releasing the DVD of the event in couple weeks time. Will be sure to inform this group on how to obtain a copy of it.

    I will share the pics as soon as we consolidate them.
  • Hi all,

    As Kalki has rightly introduced, the play should begin with Vandhiyathevan's visit to Kandamaran's house. I learnt that Kalki intially started PS with Adhithya Karikalan talking to others at Mamallapuram but later changed to the current opening afterreceiving suggestions from his colleagues.

    Mobile 9442525191

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