As trial is set to start in Subhash Kapoor case, pursuit of Sripuranthan idol faces new hurdles - Na
  • The stolen Nataraja idol may be be from Suddha Ratnesvara Devastanam, Kodanad Rameswami Temple. The Mackenzie Manuscript vol I., by T.V.Mahalingam, published by Madras University in 1972., pp-4-5 mentions few lines about the loots made by Chanda Sahib and so many invaders. Suthamalai is a derived from suddharatneswara.

    Request our members to look at the inscriptions and help
  • There is a mention in Skandapurana about this idol!
    When I searched the net I found many things about Skandapurana and I wish our Tamil Scholars to have a look at this and bring out the truth.
    It is not possible for a single man to do this and a group like you alone can help.


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