southern kings himalaya war
  • Dear PSVP authors

    According to the past historical story, there are 4 kings from south went upto Himalaya and did the war and came back.

    0.1 Karikalan- Chola- Any story available?
    0.2 Rajendra-Chola- Chola gangam
    0.3 Imayavaramban Cheralathan- Chera- Any story available?
    0.4 Senguttuvan-Chera- Seramadhevi- Kabilan tuched this in a paragraph.
    but not a complete story

    My request is, if not written, can any one of you contribute for this topic?

    Expect reply from our great Vishvak/Anusha/Sakthi/Kailasam sirs.
  • Dear Sundar ,

    About Senguttuvan ....
    Naa. Parthasarathi also covered a "tiny bit" about Himalaya expedition on his Vanjima Nagar.
  • Dear sir,

    I think, The timeline of these kings falls in between, 2 centuries before and after Christ.

    Deriving The political condition of that time is a Hard Task sir. If we approach to do, It would appear as an one sided one.

    Touching this crucial time is also a Himalayan Task. I feel that, I'm not suitable to do this one.

    In between, a pandya king also Engraved his Fish Banner on the Himalayas.

    "Kayaleluthiya Imaya varai Nerriyin Ayaleluthiya Silaiyum Puliyum"- remember these lines quoted by Sri.K.A.Nilakanta Sastri. (can't sure the words are as it is in the Journal)

    Thanking You


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