World's oldest language Tamil? - Interesting fact
  • Not sure if this was discussed earlier in this forum.
    Is Tamil older than Sanskrit?

    ~ Udankar
    *Ref: 9th July Mirror news paper UK London edition - world's oldest language

    *Subject:* 9th July Mirror news paper UK London edition

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  • I am sure linguists would not agree with the writer. Root language of Sanskrit appears to be Avesta, while linguist refer to root language of Tamil as simply proto-Dravidian. For the former we have physical evidence, while for the latter we don't and thus a working hypothesis. Raj Mutharasan
  • Would love to hear more on this Mr.Raj
  • Small correction - the root of Sanskrit is not Avestan, rather Sanskrit and
    Avestan share a common root that's often called proto-Indo-Aryan. which
    itself has another postulated root called proto-Indo-European.

    Even that's not really true; what we refer to as "Sanskrit" is really
    Classical Sanskrit, which evolved with Panini et al. Technically, the
    original languages are the Prakrits, which were refined into Sanskrit.
    Tamil is one of the sources for that refinement - though to a much lesser
    extent than the north-Indian prakrits, but it's definitely a source.

    Sanskrit can't be the root language of anything except maybe Hindi and (to
    a lesser extent) Urdu. It's a leaf language, not a root.

  • I have read that the Language of Vedas is Sandus ( not to confuse with the meter with the same name) and sanskrit is a derivative of that Sandus
  • This topic is getting more interesting (For Me)

    References to books / articles which can make things clear for people like
    me can be of more help ...

    ~ Udanx
  • Dear Udankar,
    Please have a look at this article too.....

    Most probably you might like it.

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