One day trip - Pallava cave trail - 9th Dec 2012 - Sunday
  • Friends,

    Its December again and time for our Pallava cave trail - If members can
    advise readiness on 9th ( sunday) december - we can plan a day tour. we
    have in the past covered many of the Pallava caves around chennai - but
    still a few are left - like Mahendravadi. Depending on number of people we
    can fine tune.

    Tentative start time ( crucial) - 7 am on 9th Dec - kathipara junction (
    suggest to avoid multiple pickup points)

    return into chennai 8 PM same day.
  • Some of these trips motivated our dear Saurab to record his works through his blog writing !!

    let us forward to more such aspirants..

    very best wishes and greetings dear Vijay,


  • Dear Vijay, 

    This sounds exciting. I am marking my calendar. 
  • Dear Friends,

    with the presence of "Poetry in Stone" fame Vijay in Chennai -
    we can plan a beach meeting or arusuvai meeting - after the trip.

    Since Heritage is also occupying in the Agenda of cultural events in Chennai during December - our meeting will be purposeful.

    suggestions welcome.

  • Thanks Sps for this info. I would like to join for this trip.
  • I agree SPS sir, that was the first field trip for me and I enjoyed that to
    the full,
    Of course no knowledge of Tamil was a drawback at that time however we all
    tried our best to converse in English and I was not disappointed :)
    I will try to join for 9th Dec trip,
  • I am in. 9th should be fine. Can we make it a two day trip to cover longer
    distance, if possible?
  • Wonderful.

    Sharing your experience will be another feast.

    look forward dear Saurab,

    Greetings, sps
  • Dear Satish,

    2 day trip.. not too sure.

    but please handle coordination.

    warm rgds/. sps
  • Sure SPS.

    So far i think the following people confirmed.

    SPS (Tentative)
    Ganapathy Subramaniam
    Hope more will confirm soon.
  • I too will join sathish
    but beach meeting is also a must

  • ok, time to set agenda and planning. We have not covered Mahendravadi so
    far - so i put it up. Arvind - can you suggest an itinerary for day
    covering surronds around mahendravai ( we will all miss you - since you off
    on work !!)
  • Will it be only cave temples? You can add Veeratteswara temple Tiruttani. The last Pallava temple.

    Pullalur - Another surviving brick temple of Parantaga

    Konar temple @ Thirumalpur

    I may join
  • Hi satish

    adding shankar and Venkatesh - that is approx 7 people - SPS sir can we
    make use of your Innova?

    will comeup with the actual itinerary in a couple of hours

    Arvind suggest we take up Dadapuram - 2 kundavai temples + one jaina temple.

    second option is to do Mahendravadi, there are couple of interesting
    temples apart from the pallava cave

    the first one looks like a cave and second is a gajaprista vimana.

    we can add others on the way.
  • Dear Vijay,

    Couple more are interested in joining too! I will pass on the itinerary once I get it from you, and confirm.
    If they join, is going by two vehicles a possibility? maybe once of us can bring a car..
  • hi sir

    prefer one vehicle - it is more fun plus we do not have to start stop chase
    /loose etc. anyway will take a final roll check tmmrw.
  • Hi Everyone, 

    I am Balaji from Mylapore and I am interested in joining you all for the trip. May I?
  • dear Balaji

    Welcome. All other members - kindly confirm by today, so we can go ahead
    with the planning.
  • Dear Vijay... Absolutely! We want to be hearing you and all others share the knowledge during the ride! I will also ask my friends to confirm by today.
  • Vijai Pl call me and we can finalise
  • Hi all

    Please note the rough itinerary is as below

    We absolutely need to be at Kathippara Junction at 7 am. Would like to
    avoid any more pickup points as in the past this has led to lot of delays -
    i hope all can understand and support. Shankar /Satish please cnfm where is
    the starting point for the vehicle - if so you can locally liase for that
    pickup alone.

    We plan to go to Dadapuram - where there are kundavai period temples n one
    jaina temple of hers. We can also cover Ennayiram n couple more which
    Shankar is checking and in the evening we can round up via Panamalai if we
    have time.

    we should return back to chennai before 8 pm latest.

    Satish please take a final roll call of confirmed participants and maybe
    send them a private email with ur telephone number.

    We will split the costs of the vehicle amongst us.
  • I was not well for the past few days and could not write earlier. I messed
    up with the dates and realized that I cannot join this trip on 9th :(...I
    am driving down to Kattumannar koil with my parents to attend a marriage on
    9th and somehow was thinking this trip is next bad..

    Below is the list of people who have confirmed..

    SPS (Tentative)
    Ganapathy Subramaniam ( +2 to be confirmed)
    Sankaranarayanan KS

    Sankar - I just spoke with Vijay and will call you shortly. You might have
    to coordinate as I am dropping off...:(
  • Dear vijay,

    Do we have a rough itinerary? Timing, point of meeting, places and subscription...I would like to share it with couple of my friends and confirm asap.

    Thank you,
  • Hi All

    SPS sir will not be there.

    Now it is Vijay, Venkatesh sir, Myself & Saurabh
    Messers Nandakumar, Balaji and Ganapathy

    Can plan only if we are 15+
  • Vijay,

    As mentioned in my earlier mail, I might not be joining. A goof up from my
    side on the dates :( Spoke with Sankar and he said if everyone confirms, we
    can proceed, otherwise it will be left with only a few people.

    I think the below is the list we have as of now:

    Sankaranarayanan KS
    Ganapathy Subramaniam ( +2 to be confirmed)

    Request all the above members to send in you confirmation again to confirm
    the list.

    Sankar - since I am not joining, can you please coordinate for the vehicle.
  • Dear friends, what are the finalised places you have decided,pls tell the cost for each person expenses.If possible i will come. Rgds, Ragavendar.C

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