Translations of some songs of Carnatic Music
  • Dear Friends,
    About 3 years back, When I went to Mumbai on a visit from an old friend, I got
    a book of translations,
    Of Thagaraja Krithis in to tamil by Brahma sri Balakrishna satrigal. Reading
    that gave me an impetous,
    To translate these krithis in to English and start a blog page with these
    translations. As I had a
    Tolerable knowledge of Telugu, I started this job in right earnest. Since I had
    better grasp of Tamil,
    Sanskrit , Malayalam and Kannada , side by side I started searching for books
    and web sites
    Of Krithis in these languages and started translating them as well side by
    side. Since I was also
    Busy with translation of stotras the progress was considerably slow. But the
    enchanting lyrics
    Drenched in devotion attracted me. Possibly I did pay more attention to
    krithis in Tamil. Today
    (2-4-2012) I had just completed the translation of 700 krithis in 6 different
    languages viz
    Sanskrit(194), Telugu(116), Tamil(258), Kannada(70) and Malayalam (6), Hindi
    (13) besides wedding songs
    Written in south Indian languages(46) .Since most of these songs are of 8-10
    lines, this progress
    Is not that great. Among the great composers whom I have covered are
    Purandara (55), Muthuswami deekshidhar(37), Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer (28),
    Neelakanda Sivan(18), Subramanya Bhararthi(33), Papanasam Sivan(33), Ambujam
    Ktrishna (25),
    B.Rama murthy Rao (60), Kalyani Varadarajan (11), Sadashiva Brahmendra (17),
    Muthaiah Bhagawathar (18) ,
    and one or two krithis of various composers. I know that there are short comings
    and I beg
    your pardon for the same. I would be thankful for any person who points out the
    committed by me. In this job Sri Chakravarthi Madhusudan had helped me a lot
    the translation of krithis of Purandara dasa. For most of them he is also
    associated in the
    translation. Discussions in forums like Humma and Rasika have helped me a lot in
    understanding the meaning of many krithis. All my translations could be found
    My knowledge in this field is extremely limited. I request all of you to
    as many translations as you can make to me(ramya475 at hotmail dot com), so
    that I can put them in the
    above web sites under your authorship. Not only me but all the young musicians,
    who would very much like to know what they are singing would be extrelely
    grateful to you
  • Excellent - Great effort
  • A Commendable effort, all the best for your future translations.

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