A MEETING OF PSVP - in Chennai : 1st Week of March
  • Dear Friends,

    With the availability of Dr. Kalyan - Project Madurai, and
    Kadalodi K. Narasiah expressing wishes to share on heritage and
    to share the wonderful experiences of our Kalinga Balu, who returned from his SUBRMERGED LAND Exlorations and falicitate,
    and SARURAB SAXENA for his wonderful Blog -
    we can plan a Meeting next week.

    It is also to be borne in mind that our dear THIRU is the Technical Brain behind the success of " POETRY IN STONE ' - Saurbh's Blog !!

    Will check with their availability and revert.

    best wishes / sps
  • Dear sir,

    These programs must be organized in Bangalore also. There are so many Tamils and there are a lot of people who will be interested in taking part. Will help us for our REACH aims also.
  • Sir - also add Thiru's contribn to Kathy's blog

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