Ponniyin Selvan @ 35th Chennai Book Fair
  • As Venkat, Sankar, SPS mentioned, all publishers and book sellers has them
    on display and selling it like hot cakes. They are all over the place from
    cheaper versions to Vikatan's with Original Mr. Maniam paintings. Kalki's
    Ponniyin Selvan is still in hearts of people (after 50 years!) and will be
    there for few decades to come.

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  • Even Giri Trading Company which sells only religious books ( The clientel has good number of NRIs) had 2 copies pf Ponniyin Selvan.

    Good time to start a thread on PS. I will start that with Sembian Ma devi
  • giri sells a lot of historical novels.
    in their show rooms mainly
  • Sir
    Another tangential thought

    Instead of waiting for the next book fair for the PSVP stall can we have a bookshop on a small scale . (Similar to the one kizhakku pathippakam one at musueum)

    The USP for this should be " the place to go for history and related facts and fiction"

    All the member can easily fund for the working capital

    Once we have enough footfalls, the same can be used for regular forums and meets

    This way we can sustain the interest over the year and the launch in next bookfair will come with lot of practical experience and visibility

    What is the view on the group on this

    Sivasankar Babu
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  • Hi
    we should do an entire listing of tamil novels with sundar krishnans help
    an also say which books are available.
    that way we would know where to procure them too
  • Hail, kalki !! The Emperor lives
  • My Guess is another 10,000 by all publishers together in the Book fair alone apart from Vikatans

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