Chennai Book Fair 2012 !!
  • dear Sps sir

    Reg Shenbagaraman pillai, and he being Emden - firstly most of the people
    think the Emden to be a German U boat - it was not. it was a battle cruiser
    ship. She was actually in China */ *left Tsingtao on 31 July 1914. War was
    declared in august ! She prowled the Bay of bengal n Indian ocean before
    bombing chennai on the night of 22nd sept. on 28th Oct she bombed Penang
    Harbour. on 9th nov she sent a raiding party to disrupt the communication
    lines in direction island.On the same morning she engaged in combat with
    Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney and finally sank. Many of the crew were dead
    but the main officers survived incl Capt Von Muller. We checked the
    detailed list of passengers , dead and injured - there was no listing for
    an indian doctor or the name even vaguely Indian.

    When Narasiah sir wrote about Emden, he too said that he thought the legend
    of the Indian doctor to be true, but as far as any records go, there is no
    reference to the same
  • Very nice experiance of seeing books of allour friends there. Hopefully will complete them in Pongal holidays.

    Scanned Venkat sirs Kanchi Tharagai very fast. Very interesting to see - Telling story line to Vj and Mrs Vj in Singapore, Sambandar's Madurai, Vatapi ganapati, Cat of Arjuna's Tapas were all interesting.

    Thank God- 4 days leave for Pongal. Friday will be sivaratri for me..
  • I missed picking up Kanchi Tharagai at the book fair. But I'm going again,
    so I definitely will. Our members are pretty much dominating the historical
    novel scene in Tamil. :)

    I did, however, pick up Vikatan's PS. Really liked the illustrations and
    the presentation. I also picked up a collection of Romila Thapar's essays,
    and a volume on Devadasi history. Also, Kaaval Kottam (which is so huge I'm
    not sure how I'm gonna hold it!). And a random selection of other writers.

    That's my collection so far.
  • Yes. Many times this question comes. Many times I answered (in various
    forums, ofcourse). Senbaga Raman Pillai has absolutely no connection with
    SMS Emden (1) cruiser-cum war vessel 'during' the time of world war one and
    during the time of attacking Madras. This was acknowledged by eminent
    writer Thiru Narasiah in his foreward in my book SMS EMDEN 22-09-1914.
    Earlier Thiru Narasiah in his 'Madarasa Pattinam' mentioned that Pillai was
    a Doctor in that vessel. But when he got my book for writing a foreward, he
    enquired various sources through Germal Counsel and got information that
    Pillai was not in Emden during bombing of Madras. He has mentioned as it is
    in foreword.

    Senbaga Raman Pillai, no doubt, was a great Indian freedom fighter and a
    friend of German.But Capt.Mukke, the vice-captain of SMS Emden (1) in his
    biography has clearly said about the medical team of warship during
    bombardment, and to till the end of her fateful day.

    However he mentioned about a 'Hindoo' Passenger who boarded on the way near
    colombo and gave them some important news about How Emden was spoken high
    at British India. That Hindoo passenger also got down (sent along with
    prisoners of captured vessel) after few days in between. There was one lady
    got 'lift' in the vessel, and the Captain admitted being an 'European'. She
    presented chockalates, etc., to the inwards. She too got down at Sumithra
    while Emden on its way to bombing Penang.

    These are some references and to clear doubts.

  • You are absolutely right and that is something we all can be proud of. well said!

    > so I definitely will. Our members are pretty much dominating the historical
    > novel scene in Tamil. :)
    and VIJAY too !!





  • > >
    > > Likewise picked Kadarkollayargal & Annamavin sothu by Muruganandam.
    > > He dedicated this book to Legend GK Moopanar and thanked several friends
    > > including Venkat, Swetha, Dhivakar, Vijay, Parvarthini and Shoba
    > > Ramakrishnan among others !!
    > >
    at this speed i think parvadha will give a tough competition to SPS for being mentioned in forewords

  • Hi
    the support these friends give is incredible, and having them as experienced book lovers makes our job so easy

  • Been to the BF today.... Last fewyears, there were seasonal books - books on Prabakaran & Sujatha were almostthe attraction at every stall. This year seems to be the year of several new entrants & compilations of short stories. I could see a different trend as well..  Most Tamil books are now printed in good quality paper & hard bound with a nice wrapper. They also shrinkwrap it in plastic so it looks just out of press.The smell of the glue used in binding those books is still fresh on mynose and eyes are still irritating with that.Most books are pricedhigher than Rs. 300/- andcost doesn't matter it seems. So is their size. PS seem to be a hot sellers still as many stalls have a pile up of this book in various editions, several years in a row.
    Books like "Kaval Kottam" are selling like hot cakes. While I picked up two copies ( 1 for me and another for a relative ) the seller had hard time to rush the bills for everyone in the queue.
    As I walked down each block, my purse got thinner and thinner andthe weight of the books became unbearable. God bless the shop that sold "Kaval Kottam" to me, the seller gave me a shoulder bag for free and relieved my pain. I guess next year they would put up "Shopping Karts". Should I bring atruck to carry my bookshome?
    Back home, pressure mounting on me to move to a 4 bed room or bigger apartment asap, as at this rate soon there will be no room to set the feet on the floor!
  • great vk...if u find a solution for the problem let me know ( same
    blood)....eager to hear ur review of kaval kottam, am hearing so much
    praise about the work
  • Great Venkateswaran, can't wait to go to Book fair..
  • Actually I prefer Parvathavardhini to give competition to writers like
    anusha venkatesh !!


  • Dear Venkatesh,

    Absolutely right !!

    Me and Sankaranarayanan stood in que to get Venkatesh's Kanchi Tharagai at Vanathi !! SN went and picked some more picked in the meanwhile and was spending.. so much !!

    He also carried his laptop and so could not carry more books.. Yet along with me he also picked Sadasivapandarathar books etc at Shenbagaraman Publication...

    With Two Sets of Anandavikatan PS volumes and several other books - we commuted to car-park twice !!

    We need some trally arrangement (on payment of course) atleast to move books to vehicle park..

    And at home, I kept half the books in the car only and later shifted inside !! already I am yet to set the collection i hold.. and this too added !!

    Yet.. Sugamaana Sumai !!


  • Me too have some more purchase list.
    will go some time today/tomarrow.
    My History Guru is coming on Saturday and one more visit with him
  • He wishes to keep his profile very Low & Secret.He was myclassmate from LKG through Engg.

    We went together to school and college in cycle( with a lunch visit together to home) apart from staying in the same street.

    Actually what ever i know is holding his cycle - i call myself hiscycleappidiya.
  • A detailed san can be done only on saturday by me
  • Dear,

    Today, I went to book fair. It is fully crowded.

    Everybody is seeking good books of their taste.

    In the reader - writer function, Asokamitran participated.

    Vanathi and Vikatan Stalls are full of purchasers.

    There is a great demand of our Anusha's Kanchi Taragai. My Manimakudam is also moving with good speed.

    On almost each shop, Ponniyin selvan is available. Though the story is same, the rate, design, cover, binding, are of different and cater the needs of the readers.

    I could not get the book history of pandyas written by contemporary authors. Actually, I could not locate it.

    If any body suggest a good book on history of pandyas apart from Nilakanda sastri, KV raman and Sadasiva Pandarathar, I shall be thankful to you and it is highly required for my work.
  • Sadasiva Pandarathar - Pandia Varalaru / Prikala Chola varalaru -
    Rasamanickanar - Pallava varalaru -
    Kalabirar in TN etc., are available in


    as mentioned by me earlier.

  • As per dinamalar paper today. I couldn't find this info online.

    * One lakh titles were on Display
    * 386 publication stalls
    * 8 Laksh Visitors
    * 60 Lakhs books sold

    Hot Sellers

    * Sathiya Sothanai - Mahathma Gandhi - 5000 copies sold
    * Anna Hazaare - 4000 copies sold

    Most wanted

    * Kaaval Kottam - Won Sahitha Academy
    * Ponniyin Selvan
    * Arthamulla Indumatham - Kannadasan
    * Anjaadi - Poomani
    * Asadan - Thasthavesky

    Last Year - 2011

    * 6 Lakh Visitors
    * 45 Lakh books sold

    Indian Express reports different numbers
    They updated the article in the future (Last Updated : 20 Jan 2011 08:23:58
    AM IST) , time machine? :-)
  • A scathing review of Kaval kottam by S Ramakrishnan
    “*Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man*” – Nobel
    laureate, Rabindranath Tagore
  • But Jayamohan has done a detaild review in 6 parts appreaciating the novel with critisism of
    certain politically right points of the novel usually written in TN.
  • contrasting reviews to one side, KAVAL KOTTAM sold 2600 copies this year bookfair
  • Any idea on PSVP sir - One blogger has commented that whether there is rule that for getting publisher licence - one has to publish PS?. Also was that part of rules for getting a stall that they should keep PS.

    That was the visibility of PS

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