Ponniyin Selvan - Sembian Ma Devi
  • Dear Friends:
    Wish you all a happy pongal and the let the Thai bring New Prosperous Vazhi.
    Sembian Ma Devi-
    Sembian Ma Devi has connections with Chennai expecially the Puzhal Kottam.
    Puzhal Kottam consistes of places like - Thirumullaivayil, Ambattur, Padi, Korattur.
    1. Thirumullaivayil Temple: Known as Vada Thirumullaivayil, sung by Sundarar.
    This temple recieved donations from Parthivendra Pallavan. Subsequently recieved donation of Lands of Amabttur Nadu as donations from Sembian Ma Devi.
    2. Padi Siva Temple - Thiruvaliyadayam.
    Sung by Sambandar. This temple also recieved donations from Parthivendra Pallavan and also speaks about the irrigation system that links Ambattur Eri and Korattur Eri.
    This temple also recieved donations from SembianMa Devi with lands from Korattur.
    3. The Most interesting of them all is SembianMa Devisvaram. Stumbled upon this info while reading inscriptions for Ramayanam series.
    Our SPS sir discussed with Dr Rajavelu and confirmed me that  Dr Rajavelu actually recorded this in 80s.
    The present Korattur Siva Temple was refered as Sembian Ma Devisvaram.
    Went seraching for this temple. No Locals know about this temple. With difficulty traced this temple.
    Go to Korattur Bus Stand. One Road goes to Railway stn, one to Ambattur, One to Padi. Go in the 4th that takes you inside. Within short distance there is a school and next to school this siva temple is present. One more inscription ( painted) to be read.
    This temple has 2-3 images of crow in the wall and Pillars. Hence people call this temple as having worshipped by Kaka Bujandar.
    Request Volunteers to clean and Read the pending epigraph if it is still available.( visited 2 years back)
  • Good selection Sankar, we need Sembian Madevi @

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  • Sembian Ma Deviyar refered as " Mazhavarayar Mahalar"

    Kandaradithar attained the holy feet of Sivaperuman around 957 and Sembian Ma Deviyar lived till 1001.

    Shereconstructed Thirunallam ( Koneriraja Puram) in stone and named it Kandarditham.

    She also made an image of Kandaridhar in the wall. ( Image attched)
  • I have seen atleast 3 different bronzes titled as her.

    Plus remember seeing a photo in SRB 's chola temple series ( trying to
    remember) of her portrait sculpture. will check
  • In Chettinad there is a village by name Kanadaramanikkam in Thiruppatur side.

    There is a Kandaramanikkam in Tanjore dt also. But dont know whether it has anything to do with Kandaradithar.
  • all 96 villages of chettinaad have a village with similar name in tanjore- poompuhar side
    perhaps in memory of their migration
  • yes - Like Kothamangalam.

    Inncidentally even the only thevara stahlam in chettinad limit Thirupputhur has one in Cholanadu ( Arisirkaraipputhur)
  • I once marked around 70 on the map. devakottai has almost similar one in devikottai which we discussed some time back

  • SembianMa Deviyar reconstructed Thirumazhapadi temple. Advised the renegraving of all old inscriptions in the Vimana in the walls.

    The old inscriptions were of Aditya, Parantaga and Sundara Chola.

    The Thiruppurambiyam temple was constructed by the Parantaga but the Goshtas and Goshta images are of Uthama period. Sembian Ma Devi donated a Golden jewel studded with Rubies and Diamonds for the lord.

    Sembian Ma Deviar donated a gem studded jewel - Netrippattam - for Tirumalai Thiruvenkadamudayan. This shows though a Saivaite, she donated to Vishnu temples also.
  • mazhapaadi is a wonderful temple on the banks of kollidam. panai maram is the sthalaviruksham. alagammai the goddess
  • It is interesting to know that there are two villages next to Mazhapaadi with names Sembian Madevi Kudi and Kandirathirtham. People in that area do believe that Sembian Devi was from Sembian Kudi.
  • Vriddhachalam - Thirumudhukundram

    Year 982 ( Uthama Chola RY 12)

    Sembian Ma Deviyar constructed the templein stone with Snapana Mandapa, Gopuram, Surrali and the shirines for Parivara Devatas.
    She also donated 5 copper lamps, one golden diadem, One silver plate, One silver kendi, 2 Gold flowers, A Golden netrip pattam for Nataraja, a gold tali for Uma Bhattaraki, a Pearl necklace and anothe gold necklace with a pendent, one more gold flower for Natraja and a silver idaikkattu.

    Erumbur Near Chidambaram:

    Here Sembian Ma Deviyar donated 96 sheeps and a Ram for perpetual lamp.


    This temple is the last temple, reconstructed by Sembian Ma Deviyar. It wasduring RRC period.

    There are more temples renovated and reconstructed by Sembian Ma Deviyar and i have listed a few.

    Now over to VT. Dear friends pl take VT forward.
  • wonderful what details what details
    i thank god for joining this group and wish i visit all the temples
    mentioend here and read all the books
    and i will be a fulfilled person
    good work friends i am a novice but enjoying each and every mail
    carry on ur good work
    god be with you
  • Dear Sankar,

    Does that mean we are done with Sembian Madevi? Can you compile and give
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    the book fair members as well as existing members.

    If somebody else volunteer to do one pager, please do so.
  • There is lot more to add on sembian ma devi

    but i have shared a few. Earlier Venkat sir also has written many details on Sembian Ma devi.
  • Hi thiru
    please do try a picture album of PLACES IN PS. some of our members even recently went to all the places and might have nice pictures of the sites to be seen there
  • Sure - will share images - on 11th feb
  • Dear,

    What make you to make interesting to sembian Ma Devi sanakar?
  • Since many members are interested in PS, started a thread.
  • simply interested in her.

    No other reason
  • Don't read Balakumaran's 'Udayar'.

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