New Year Greetings and Message
  • Dear members

    Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    I wish to inform you that I will be leaving Chennai to take Charge of Hampi Museum and the site on 2nd January 2012.

    I will be cherishing in the days coming the meetings and the discussions I and with members of Chennai in many a meetings.

    Is there a E- group for Vijayanagara?

    Thank you all

  • Wish you all the best sir - We will plan a visit once you settle there.

    I want to compare the Ramayana pannels of Hazara Ramaswamy temple with that of Cholas.
  • All the very best Dear Sriraman.
  • All the best sir. We will miss you in chennai.

    keep in touch.
  • Oh.. Dear Sriraman,

    that is Good News because we will get more informations re Hampi..

    and of course we will be missing you here !!

    You post more information re Vijayanagara empire and enlighten us
    after getting settled.

    warm rgds, best wishes and hearty greetings / sps

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