• Dear Sridhar,

    I think ISOLATING and discussing this subject will not be healthy for the TEAM we have created in the long run.

    Venkat - Highly Versatile.

    Gokul - Very special with indepth knowledge and putting in writing too.

    Sridhar - Very much Passionate towards History

    Krupa - more on technical side.
    Thiru - more on technical side

    Ram - Founder - has become too much occupied of late.

    Strictly speaking moderation is being done by the Venkat - me - Gokul Sri and Thiru.

    This is BEING DONE with good TEAM SPIRIT...

    Let us not permit anything that affects this.

    Thanks for your very kind words.

    Let us move to other things...


    Let us consider this again.



    regards / sps
  • Hi all

    Sps is responsible for one aspect in this group that you can never find elsewhere.

    the personal face to face meetings that he organises between the members - especially those who come from out station.
    beach meetings are his speciality( sps didnt you take a hint. ellorum meet panni romba naalaachu)

    i personally made a lot of friends because of this .

    thank you sps

  • I second that, that is my personal experience as well. Thanks a lot for that.
  • Very true Venkatesh.

    And you missed to say that, he is the official sponsor of the official drink (Bovonto) and official Snack (grand sweets) of the group. Just kidding :)

    We can even say, SPS is the face of our group. Members who had chance to meet other members at different occasion will be less than 100 out of our 1700+ members and I am sure every one would have met SPS atleast once.

    periyanna SPS-ukku oru O podunga....
  • Ok Ok. Unga Operusuthaan.  . I lose.
  • Dear Friends,

    Let us remind ourselves that whatever we put - here in the form of Mail / photo - is seen world-wide and individually we will be held responsible - when such need arises / imposed by the Government / Authority.

    As Moderators, the burden also is added on our shoulders.

    Let us remind ourselves what is happening to Former PM Indira Gandhi's grandson Varun Gandhi or to Vaiko - who himself is an Advocate - and similar such popular personalities.

    It is one thing talking sweetly on literature - culture or past History..

    It is another thing discussing things involving Government and specifically pointing out personalities / system which are put in position by an Elected Body.

    We have developed harmony among oursleves and we shall ensure our individual views do not affect that which is created all these years.

    Any writing which can be construed defirmatory in nature is governed by the Criminal Penal Code of India (CPC).

    Pls bear this in mind ..

    Dear Thiru and other Moderators,

    I suggest,

    (1) we should withdraw the option of individual mails - because even if a mail is deleted, the mail remains in an individual's mail box.

    (2) WE SHOULD MAKE A DISCLAIMER :: The Founder / Convenor of the Group and / or its Moderators do not subscribe to the views of the Members and subscriber alone is responsible to defend the view of the subscriber if and when challenged by any process including the process of Law.

    anbudan / sps
  • Dear Muruganandam,

    It was collective and equal responsibility.

    No such need for Chief Moderator as of now..

    there is Gokul, Krupa, Dr. Sridhar and of course Thiru - apart from Venkat, Vijay and me.

    A couple of us taking break for sometime now.

    best wishes & Happy pongal greetings to all.

  • Dear Friends,

    We reaffirm that we do not discuss and encourage discussions relate to Caste.

    That is the reason why I mentioned the subject was closed.

    Re accomplishments of members - it is brought out to clarify that the query was A WRITER's PRIVILEGE.

    Please note there are more than 5 moderators and it is collective decision to handle these matters.

  • Dear Thiru,

    Pls take out all the mails - including that of Kalisam / mine / related to the matter that caused unpleasant exchanges.

    Also Kindly indicate note of Caution in our Home Page :

    Caste Based discussions are prohibited in our Group.

  • Will do. There is a email goes to the members who joins which has a
    link to which has
    etiquette, things do discuss and an FAQ

    Will update with prohibited discussions.

    If somebody could help me to come up with better Welcome/FAQ article,
    please do send.

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