Vadakalai Tenkalai
  • Dear,
     There are two types/ branches of faithful followers of vaishnavisam. One being vadakali Iyenakar and another being tenkalai Iyengar. I hope in the  earlier years there was no such differences. When the differences has come? It is required for my writings. Members may help with evidences without hurting others
  • I guess Ramanuja impliments the Tenkalai Spradayam for the first time or may be Im wrong .But Vedantha Desikar whoborn after Ramanujar, followed Ramanujar's customs but strictly in the Vadakalai Sapmradaya.

  • Vadakalai and Tenkalai tradtions were born after Ramanuja.
    Vadakalai has Vedantha Desika as its forerunner.
    He was a contemporary of Shir Vidyaranya and close friend !!!
    He composed the Hamsa Sandesa on the lines of Mega Sandesa of Kalidasa.
    He was praised by Appaya Dikshitha as Kavi Tarkika Simha or
    one who is a great debater as well as great poet !!!!
    It may be noted that
    Vedantha Desika refers to Kalahasti Siva temple also in his
    Hamsa Sandesa where Rama sends message to Sita!!!

    Tenkalai has Manavala Mamuni.
    Manavala Mamuni in Sanskrit is Sundara Jamatra (Azhagiya Manavalan)
    Prativadi Annangacharya invokes his name in Venkatesa Suprabatham as
    "Sundara Jamatra Muni Manasa Vasine"
    One who lives in the heart of Manavala Mamunigal !!!!
    In Sri Rangam Temple there is the special place, where Sri Ranganatha manifested himself as a small boy and bowed before the Acharya thus
    bringing the Acharya Parampara to a close which starts and ends with himself !!!!

    Difference of Opinions is mainly whether we need to ask for God forgrace or God himself bestows grace due to his Karunya.
    This is explained as Markata Kishora yoga or clinging to god as a monkey child clings to its mother or Marjara Kishora yoga or like a cat carries its kitten , God does carry us onward !!!!

    Others can enlighten more on this.
    Adiyenuku ivalvu than theriyum. Dr.K.L can refer Deivathin Kural or
    hear Velukkudi's lectures on this for more info.
  • Excellent Karthik!

    The main difference is the Cat/Monkey analogy.

    Both use Tamil and Sanskrit contrary to the belief that only Tenkalai uses Tamil.

    One more diff is Vaikasana temples ( Vadakalai)still fkeep Dakshinamoorthy in southern Vimana/Goshta where as in Pancharatra temples (Tenkalai) i have not seen Dakshinamoorthi.

    Interestingly Pancharatra agam is called Parameswara Samhita ( one given by Siva)

    Most of the Customs of Vaikanasas ( Vadakalai) are very simillar to Smartha ( Iyer) customs except treating both Siva and Vishnu equal but Vaikanasa gives imporatance to Siva but he is only next to Vishnu ( and not totally neglected - They do perform Rudra Ekadasi, Mrutyunjaya hiomams etc) I dont know whether Tenkalai people do Rudra Ekadasi and request people to tell us on that.

    One more interesting news i heard in Tirukkazhugukundrama temple ( Pl confirm) that the kuladeivam of heriditory priests of Srirangam is Thirukkazhugukkundram Vedagiriswarar.
  • In Tanjore most of Perumal temples are maintained by Vadakalai
  • There is a belief with few people in Sri Rangam that the Ranganath shrine is the place where Manavalamamunigal laid to rest.

    Secondly some say there is treasure room in the Garbhagriha under the Ranganatha Statue.
  • Dr. Kailasam,

    I hope your query is not within the scope of this group. Your question is regarding a specific caste.

    I think this group is regarding an excellent novel by Kalki. That's why people like me are in this group. We should talk/discuss about that novel, related novels or other works of the same auther.

    Whatever it may be the intention - for writting/ research - this is not the correct forum to ask it. Just a simple disclaimer can't justify it. Please keep these things away from this forum....

    I request other members to adhere to the objective of this group....
  • Dear,
    I got the required information. The topic may be closed. However You may inform personnaly wthat group our great alwarkadaiyan and aniniruthur belongs?
  • Kailasam,

    This shows your inner intention...

    You did not feel guilty of what you have started in the group....

    We saw "Ponniyinselvan" as a novel ( how it has been narratted, screenplay like that )and not the caste of the characters belong to...

    But you are trying to highlight it... Cheap thinking.... Feeling guilty for specified you as Dr. in my previous mail as your reply deos not suit to that level...


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