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  • Team,

    This is long due, usually I try to change the site at least every
    year, the last time it happened on 2009 this time it took another

    The idea came to my mind when our group members started discussing
    sculpture (poetry in stone), ponniyin selvan also in facebook and
    thought is there anyway we can provide that kind of site for ourselves
    where we will own the content and we can create article out of it
    easily which is bit cumbersome if the content is hosted @
    facebook.com. Discussed internally with Vijay, Venkat and few others
    and found it might be worth a try.

    We also have discussed moving away from Yahoo Groups few times
    earlier for various reasons but not much of response from the members.
    Sometimes we need to show how it would look and options to lure them

    So the site is in beta now, lot of work needs to be done and few
    bugs to be fixed before making this site live. This site is powered by
    Wordpress & Buddypress

    Please visit - http://l.psvp.in/ponniyinselvan

    Few features of the site is available in presentation format here -

    Other features worth mentioning

    * Mobile friendly - Those who have smart phones can visit the site
    and it should be optimized for mobile screen - Current it should work
    in iPhone, iPod, Android phones. I tested only in Android.
    * Use Profile - Which can be customized to display whatever the
    user wants to show, this should show when he was active, how many
    topics started, how many posts/replies etc., (No body could beat SPS
    till now - http://beta.ponniyinselvan.in/members/sps10142004/), you
    can check your stats by using your yahoo profile id
    * Content is reformatted - it will display only the email response
    member posted instead of displaying the chain of replies, it is not
    perfect yet to understand inline response, but needs some work.
    * Site should be faster than the current one - will know the
    results in a day or two
    * We can create as many groups we want to focus on certain topics
    (scultpure, ponniyin selvan, bronzes, lounge to discuss anything
    etc.,) instead of discussing everything in one place which sometimes
    irritates member who do not want to see them

    Saurabh and Sash insisting on keeping the email option open as well,
    it is not done yet, will add that later. I need to convince our
    moderators also on this and make sure this is going to reduce the work
    as well as make the forum better place.

    I would like some volunteers who are very active to use the beta
    site and give feedback which can incorporated based on the priority.
    Based on the volunteers decision If the site is not suitable we can
    drop the idea of moving away from yahoo groups and continue to
    maintain the site as an archive or we can all move to the site.

    Will let you guys know once it moves out of beta to http://ponniyinselvan.in

    Comments from members are welcome
  • Excellent work

    This beta covers many of the requirements still keeping it simple and neat

    Is there options for a common archive of documents and group calendar ?

    Sivasankar Babu
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  • Sir,
    How to post in this site. The user name and password it asking is ...what?. I have to register anew?

    pls explain

    S. Arul Ganesh

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