Book scanning service @ Chennai
  • Dear All,
    Does anyone know professional book scanning service at Chennai ? How much they charge ?
    I have a old book bound from the Kumudam pages of the 1950's.... Before it crumbles into dust, I want to scan it....
    Thanks and best regards,
  • Dear Sir

    All students xerox doing this service. If you give the details of the collection, I will help more in this subject.
  • Dear Sir,

    It is a bound book from the old Kumuram weekly of the 1950's. Stillit isin a condition it can be scanned. It covers the "Mannan Magal" story of Sandilyan. I preserved this book ( despite all the changes in life & place ) because I liked the line drawings of the artist "Sagar" which brought the characters as though they are real.

    I will try to photograph some pages and post here...
  • Just try Star Xerox

  • Sir

    May be i can help to scan the book and put it as a pdf for your collection

  • I am also having dew old books for scanning


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