• Dear SN,

    Am sure you have access to Tiruvalangadu CP ..
    read the Sanskrit portions.. !!

    they claim to be from Surya Vamsam !!

    Pandyas Chandra Vamsam !!

    That is why MAKARA SANKRANTHI figures more prominent in Chola Festivals.

  • The Soorya vamsa is nothing but a caledar, Panchanga.

    Before AD500, the calenders were based on moon. Astrologers don't know about Rahu and Kethu viz South and North Pole. When people realised that Soorya is the supreme the calenders were based on the movement of soorya. So it was named as soorya vamsa.

    Pliny wries about this and you can see this book at ASI library.
  • The Soorya Vamsa is based on History and History based on Astronomy.The kings who followed the moments of moon were called Chandra Vamsa,

    The difference of opinion created many religion and religion created money power, political power, muscle power. These power mongers stood behind their chieftains called kings and these kings looted the wealth of other city people. It was like, if Tamil Nadu fight against Kerala, enter Kerala with massive force kill all of the warriors, loot all the temples and bring money to Tamil Nadu.

    When Chandra was worshipped in Iran, the king was Zorathustra who rulled Iran and we find more rishi vamsam there. Based on this the people were thinking that Aryans invaded south India and called themselves as brahmins.

    The pity is this I sent mails to you stating about Apasthambha Soothra School . History of Manthralaya, Gokarna etc, but no one followed it. I don't know if it was circulated amoung the members..

    If you remove the mask of Iyengars, Iyers and who is superior etc., you will understand history.

    You should have broad mind to accept the truth.

    Further you know onething?

    Before Krishna, GITA was there! It was in the form of questions and answers and here the Sky was identified as AHURA MAZDA. The teachings of AHURA Mazda was found in B.C 10,000 Ramayana period.

    Whereas Mahabharatha was in B.C.3500

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