Please identify the location of Pallava cave temples
  • Hi Friends,
    I will need your kind help to identify the correct place of Pallava cave
    temples. I am planning to visit the following sites, however looking on the map
    I am finding more than one place with the same name. If anyone of you have some
    information to correctly identify the place, it would be of great help to me so
    that I can plan accordingly.

    Cave Temple Nearby Place/Disctrict Distance from Chennai
    Mahendravadi Vellore 102 KM
    567 KM (most probably this location will be ruled out)

    Vallam I, II, III Cuddalore 190 KM
    Kanchipuram 49
    138 KM

    Melacheri Tiruvanmalai 136 KM
    155 KM

    Tirukkalukkunram Kanchipuram 66 KM

    Kilmavilangai Viluppuram 127 KM

    Mamandur I, II, III, IV Kanchipuram 59 KM
    248 KM
    94 KM
    132 KM
    77 KM

    Siyamangalam Ayyampettai, Kanchi 60 KM
    Desur, Tiruvanmalai
    141 KM

    Vilapakkam Vellore 122
    175 KM

    Argandanallur Viluppuram 185 Km

    Singaperumal koil Kanchi 41 KM

    Kuranganilmuttham????? No idea of this
  • Mahendravadi is closer to Arokonam, Kanchipuram District
    Vallam is just outside Chengelpet town
    Kilamavilangai - Sengi and Siyamangalam - form a triangle, The best to travel from Siyamangalam to Kilmavilangai and then to Sengi - which is close to Singavaram, Melacheri, Dhalavanur and Manadagapattu. Siyamangalam - as you travel south from Chennai, when you reach Melmaruvathur, fork from the highway and take the route to Vandavasi. Once on this route, you need to ask for Desur, it is a good 40 odd kilometers from Melmaruvathur.

    Mamandur, Kuranganilmuttam are places which are short distances from Kanchipuram - each 10 to 15 kms.

    Rest of the places need to figure out. Look for these places in Yahoo Maps. They cover Tamilnadu better than google.
  • Hi Arvind,
    Would you be free on those days to accompany me to these sites? Also do I
    need to get some permission for photographs on these sites?
  • Which days?
    You dont need any permission to shoot in most of these sites. You would also not need any tripod to shoot. For which you will have to go to HR&C. YOu have already been to some of these places.

    Thirukalukundram is also tricky. Might be they would allow photography in the lower cave. Singaperumal koil - I am sure it will be a challenge. Again the permission for photography has to be obtained from HR&C as they are in worship. I have no clue on how to obtain that.

    You need to visit Siyamangalam, Kilmavilangai, Melacheri, Singaperumal koil, Mamandur, Kuranguanilmuttam, Vallam, Thirukalukkundram and Mahendravadi.

    By the way, when are planning this?
  • Aragandanallur is entrance to Thirukkovilur. This side of the river is Tirukkovilur and that side is Aragandanallur
  • ATTN: Adminstrator

    A humble request. Please keep-out personal communications from this website of 'ponnyinselvan, I hope those who talk of self discipline would maintain it here aswel

  • hi Vkr

    Cool down sir. They are discussing a prospective tour to pallava sites and
    hopefully this will turn into another PS tour., Else can help store
    information on the routes etc . no need to be alarmed over it
  • Hi,
    Regret private information here.
    Typically, I have always responded in private to such mails. However on this instance, I took the liberty to reply to the group as the information here was nothing personal, but giving details about photography around Mahendra trails.
    I am just curious to know why my mail was singled out to make a show case here. I am sure we have enough personal mails floating.
    Regret the error. Will not do so hence forth, hope other members do follow so.
  • Hi Arvind,
    Actually it was a mistake from my side. When I was writing this mail, I saw
    your gmail id in the list and thought that this mail will be going to your id
    only, however when I saw this mail in this group then I realized that the group
    mail id was in cc of my mail. You just replied to my mail and hence your mail
    came to the group. However as I realized my mistake so all my later mails on
    this subject were sent to your personal email-id.
    We all are mature here, lets bury the topic here itself. Whoever's mistake
    it is, lets go ahead in our endeavors without any feeling related to this
  • Dear Arvind,

    It has been customary to exchange certain private details -

    like Wedding announcement - Child birth -

    seeking guidelines before visiting places -

    sharing such details in detail or through blog etc., in our Group.

    And in this instance also,

    since Saurab is from Bangaluru and has been

    personally interacting with us in our Meets -

    this discussion surfaced.

    The word of Caution is to know of the Frontiers - not to be trespassed.

    " .. Will not do so hence forth ... ""

    No need for such swearing since there have exceptions.

    let us move forward to other subjects..

    hands shaken with all concerned.


  • Dear Ponni friends,
    I was very interested to know about photog. policies, with list &
    locations of caves. Don't see how
    that should be considered 'personal communications'. I'm very
    interested to know what friends are doing.
  • Friends I am extremely sad that I have caused this ripple in your smooth and happy goings on, regarding a tour program.

    I am yet to understand the modus of the group concept, in this forum.

    Sorry arvimd. No particular reason,but as a model at this time. I remember some one thanking some other for arranging train tickets.couple of months ago.It was a slow buld up.


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